Marks of the Hag Witch

Roll Result
01 – 10 Emaciated The spirits leave your body wasted. You appear 2d10 years older, lose 20% of your body weight and permanently reduce your toughness characteristic by -1d10. This mark can be gained three times.
11 – 20 Club Foot One of your feet painfully twists as the spirits age you. You appear 1d10 years older and permanently reduce your movement characteristic by 1. This mark can be gained twice.
21 – 30 Palsey The spirits leech your strength, leaving you prone to fits of shaking. You appear 1d10 years older. Further whenever you fail a willpower or toughness test the shakes begin, and for 1d10 rounds you suffer a -10 penalty to your agility, ballistic skill, strength, fellowship and weapon skill characteristics and can only take a half action in combat.
31 – 40 Hoarse Your voice is ruined as the spirits age you. You appear 1d10 years older, your voice goes hoarse and you suffer a -10 penalty on all charm tests.
41 – 50 Popping Bones Your bones make popping noises whenever you move. You appear 1d10 years older.
51 – 60 Aged You appear 1d10 years older
61 – 70 Spirit Companion You gain an appropriate spirit as a companion (dryad, glimmer, spirit, spite, naiad)
71 – 80 Wise Gain +5 to all Academic Knowledge checks, this can be gained up to three times.
81 – 90 Long-Lived First time: Naturally live to 150, Second time: 400, Third time: Forever
91 – 100 Marked by the spirits Peculiar tattoos all over your body. +10 to command the spirits.

Fury of the Spirits

Roll Result
01 – 15 Unruly Stunned for one round
16 – 30 Obstinate Add a half action to your spells casting time
31 – 45 Bored Cannot cast spells for 1d10 rounds
46 – 60 Upset Next 1d5 spells automatically fail
61 – 80 Cursed Spirits punish you with a greater curse for 1d10 days
81 – 90 Enraged 1d5 spirits attack you and immediate allies for 1d10 turns
91 – 99 Leakage The spirits let the aethyr touch you. Roll a minor chaos manifestation
00 Daemonic Aid The spirits will not aid you, but the dark gods always listen. Major chaos manifestation


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