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Collection of journals ordered by session

House rules and custom careers

Notepad (for jotting things down)

Notes on our world and its denizens

  • The World – A summary of the layout and feel of the known world
  • Odric’s Notes – As we meet new creatures in the course of play I’ll attempt to put some details on them in here. These are the notes Odric is collecting in the course of the adventure with the intention of using them for his next book.
  • Vehicles

Some tips on how to get started with a character

  • Careers – Where to find lists of them
  • Character Ideas – Can’t think of a character stereotype? Have a list of them
  • Backstory Template – Never quite finished this, but it gives an idea of the depth I’m hoping for

  • See also items for ‘the invisible hand’ and more.

Main Page

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