Lesser Magic - Summon Minor Elemental

Summon Minor Elemental

Casting Number: 13
Cast Time: 2 Full Actions
Duration: Variable
Range: 12 yards
Ingredients: A large source of the appropriate element (e.g. a stream, bonfire, bog or strong winds) (+2)
Description: You summon a single lesser elemental which appears within 12 yards of you. You must have at least a small source of the appropriate element (a flask of water, lantern, fistful of dirt or wind from a fan). The elemental remains for 1d10 minutes + Magic rating.
Fire, water, earth and air are the most commonly used types of elemental (in the Empire), however other more subtle types exist (such as ice and lightning). It’s assumed that when you learn this spell you learn the pronunciations and gestures for four common types. You cannot summon other types until you learn the pronunciation and gestures for them (this doesn’t cost xp). This could be done by book learning, observing a summoning and succeeding on a memory intelligence test, or performing appropriate meditations and observations in a place very strong with that element.

Elementals can be summoned for longer periods of time, and even bound as familiars using rituals.

Fire Elemental
Water Elemental
Air Elemental
Earth Elemental

Lesser Magic - Summon Minor Elemental

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