Intro and Summary of Affected Rules

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Intro and Summary of Affected Rules

Firstly original content is good, and player-led stories and creative solutions are also very good – I’ve tweaked the rules to encourage creativity and increase the chances of succeeding at something cool. I will not kill a character without consent, however if you run out of fate points and hit a life-threatening situation they might be maimed (for a while at least).

Quick Summary of Game Rules Affected

Dice Rolls

Rolling against skills or characteristics is done by rolling under the value of the skill or characteristic with a D100. These are the most common type of roll a player will make – anything from climbing to hitting someone with an arrow.

Fate and Fotune

Fate points are the game mechanic for the difference between those with a destiny, such as PCs, and those without, such as peasants.

Fate points : Each player will start with between 1 and 3 fate points (usually 3 for a human and 2 for other races). In the unmodified game a fate point is only used to save a character from death (or to re-roll a mutation).

Fortune points : The number of fate points a character has is also the base stat for the number of fortune points they can use per day (this can be modified by things like familiars). These can be spent to re-roll characteristic or skill tests, gain an extra defensive move, go faster in combat, or do more on their turn. They can be used for other effects depending on your class however; for example Grail Knights can take upgrades that will allow them to spend fortune points for healing.


In Warhammer reality is made up of two planes. The material realm – occupied by humans, dwarves, halflings, and the warp – occupied by warp-beings such as daemons and chaos gods and the source of magic. These two realities can bleed into one another – indeed there is known to be a gate in the far-North which is an open door between them.

Mortal flesh cannot endure the influence of the warp for long without changing – be it from years of magic casting or the caress of a daemon. Wizards and priests who use their magic will be changed by it; touched by the traits of the powers they use. However when the warp influence on a mortal derives from the powers of Chaos then mutation is produced. Mutations can be useful – such as a scorpion tail or telekinesis, or they can be harmful – such as fits, hunchback or limb-loss. Usually they have some advantage with a big dollop of disadvantage – such as flaming head (enemies will run away from you, but so will potential allies). The biggest disadvantage of mutation is societies response to it – in almost every nation being exposed as a mutant is a death penalty. This can pose a danger to heavily magic-touched mages too – sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between a mutant and mage (and sometimes there is no difference).

Intro and Summary of Affected Rules

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