The Journal of Ozric Von Harbinger Entry 6

I have to admit that I no longer understand what is going on around me. We seem to be working at cross purposes.

Nym appears to be working towards the ends of his people, who are those that the Bretonnians call the Fey, but are more commonly known as elves. I cannot blame Nym for this, but I am a little disappointed, I had hoped that his loyalty to us would have been greater. Never having belonged to any culture I suppose I cannot understand the power of belonging to a single people, the certainty of a national identity.

Viloman is behaving as a true inbred Bretonian nobleman. His only concern is that the law is enforced in that black and white way that his narrow vision allows.

Anastasia is…..well Anastasia and now that I think about I am not sure where she has gotten to, I have not seen her since we reached the castle.

To’Mas is a conniving and devious fellow and surprise surprise the munchkin is up to something but I am not sure what. There was some talk of drugging someone with the enchanted beer, and getting the person responsible for the suffering of the peasants and not Robin the Hood.

The raid on the fake Tax convoy went according to plan, but I am no longer sure whose plan! We captured some of the Outlaws and took them to the castle. Vilo did not seem to trust To’Mas and insisted that Nym check the outlaws bindings. It was when we reached the castle that life started to get complicated. Some one accused the Justicar of being a tyrant and a duel was arranged. Knights were running around the corridors looking for some beast to slay, I admit that the howls were quite chilling but at no point did I see any beasts. The prisoners escaped from the dungeons and Vilo closed the portcullis stopping anyone from escaping. At one point it looked like Vilo and Nym were set to fight it out, I am not sure why or what they were going to fight out. The baron appeared and a trial by combat was arranged. Vilo jousted with a Sir Guy to prove who was the guilty party. Vilo won quite spectacularly I think the gods were truly with him.

That evening after all the excitement was over I went down to the dungeons to visit with the prisoners. There I met with a Friar Tuck. He was a priest of Morr and he doomed me. This is an ancient Morrian ritual that provides you with a prophecy for your future. This is the doom he placed on me:

Swallowed in Blood and Darkness War will become your meat and drink.

So now I am doomed and cursed. Life is going well, oh well I suppose that is the Way of Things. My grandfather would have liked my doom, it would suit him well, I wonder how he is doing or if he is even still alive. He is canny man my Grandfather I wish I could see him now I am sure he would have a positive take on all this.

After this I headed back to my rooms in the castle, while I was passing the gates I ran into a Knight of the Blazing Sun who had just arrived. He was looking for a devotee of Myrmidia to pass on his mantle. He was an old knight near the end of his days with his quest unfinished and he is looking to pass on his mantle and finish his quest before he dies.

I hope we can stay together we have powerful enemies after us and at the moment we are not functioning as a team. Too many agenda and too many plans within plans. This cannot go on.

The Journal of Ozric Von Harbinger Entry 6

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