The Journal of Ozric Von Harbinger Entry 4

Entry 4

That night I slept badly, I dreamt of a dark tower. Each room was of a different colour, and as we wondered through the halls of the tower, a deep dark voice spoke to us. It demanded that we return the halfling and the Artefact to him. He also told us that we would be drawn to him and that our dreams would be his until we handed over the artefact.

The next morning when I awoke I headed downstairs for some breakfast. The little man was already there and he was drinking, he did not look like he was having a good day, or night for that matter. I ordered food and a drink and joined him. I glanced over at Nym’s corner, he was still there. Ana joined us shortly. We drank and ate, none of us seem terribly inclined to talk.

After a while Viloman came clanking into the Inn, he was followed by a lady, and they proceeded to interrogate us on what had happened in the Inn the previous day. After some discussion (and a scolding from the Lady, my side was still hurting and I was a little on the sarcastic side) we determined that we had all shared the same dream last night. The lady or Damsel which I have discovered is the proper term for her, informed us that we were under a curse. She was unable to counter the curse and demanded that we go and see the Lord of Montfort.

We arrived at the huge castle that was the lords residence and the Damsel led us straight through to the lords audience chamber. There we had to explain what had occurred in the his city the day before. I explained to him about the beastmen from cathay. He seemed fairly uninterested and unable to assist us with the trouble we seem to have got ourselves into. I looked at To’Mas who was thoroughly hammered I guess he does not drink very often or much for that matter. Viloman was very perturbed at the little mans state, the Damsel had given him a bit of a telling off over allowing a little boy to drink (not of course that he is a little boy). The lord offered us the use of his library for research purposes, I graciously accepted his offer.

Viloman picked up To’Mas by the scruff of his neck and went stomping off probably to try and sober him up before he embarrasses him more than he already has. I slipped off to the library to see if I could discover anything that may prove useful. I walked into the library, as if it actually qualifies for a title as grand as that. Apparently the definition of Library in Brettonia is twelve scrolls, three books and 700 yards of badly stitched tapestries. I did find some information relating to the Elves of Athel Loren, and some badly judged but possibly relevant poetry. I made copies of these and then left.

As I arrived in the courtyard there was a flurry of white wings and a group of Pegasi landed in the courtyard. I was the Lord Fitz-Carrel. He informed Viloman that his Barony was under attack and urged us to get there as soon as possible to aid his people. After a quick discussion we realised that the chance of reaching there in time to be of any assistance was very slim. Odric suggested that he could help, and after some conversing with the Baron. Odric prepared a ritual spell that would transport us where we needed to go by the next morning. It was called the March of a Thousand Damned Soldiers. The ritual took most of the day and night to cast and throughout that time we had to march in a circle while he and Ana chanted.

As dawn broke we found ourselves overlooking a village almost six days travel from where we were the day before. The village was under attack from a band of elves. Nym went running off into the village. Viloman and the other knights galloped in and I followed more cautiously. Shortly after our arrival as we rallied the Knights already joined against the Elves, the Elves retreated back to their forest and Nym went with them. It was time to find out what was going on here. I questioned a young man who was wounded, he looked toward an Elder for guidance. The elder indicated that he should say nothing. The little man and I questioned him further but he died before we could elicit more information from him. We turned our attention to the elder. I am not sure what To’Mas did to him as he never laid a finger on him, I wander if this was an example of the powers of the Artefact that this sorcerer who is haunting us has been speaking of.

We learned that the village had been accepting help from an outlaw who had been poaching in Athel Loren. Viloman and Fitz-Carrel issued what passes for justice in bretonnia. Viloman then rode out to speak with the Elves and ended up talking to Nym. The elves wanted the head of the outlaw known as Robin of the Hood.

While Viloman was gone I requested of Fitz-Carrel that he allow me to gather the Elven dead and lay them out for the Elves to collect. I arranged them with their weapons and cloaks and laid them out in state. I stood guard over the bodies until a group of Elven maidens came out of the forest to collect them. Once they were gone I knelt and prayed to Myrmidia asking for her guidance, requesting that she set me upon the path to Glory in her name.

I rejoined the group. Fitz-Carrel ordered us to hunt down this outlaw who was responsible for the feud between the Elves and the Bretonians.

Upon a whim I asked the Lord Fitz-Carrel if he had seen any Knights of the Blazing Sun recently, I felt an odd sense of rightness as I posed this question.

The Journal of Ozric Von Harbinger Entry 4

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