Memoirs of Magnus 8

If there’s one thing that’s consistent in the chaos realm, it’s that it always knows how to surprise you. I was having a surprisingly half decent nights sleep, when I was awakened by Ozric. Apparently the witch seemed to have summoned some small imp like creatures and they were damaging the ship. After some deliberation, we settle on the idea that we should send some blessed steam through the vents to flush them out of the pipes they were trapped in.

We stand at the only exit, along with Lucius and the priest we rescued from the steps (We REALLY need to find out his name), who stand there with hammers raised. As the creatures leap out of the vent, the hammers are brought down and soon there are 5 smears on the deck, and 1 of the imps is impaled and rooted the vent itself, shot by Nym.

It is a strange, mewling thing. The creature is promptly dispatched, and the mess seems to just throw itself overboard (it did look, disturbingly… 3-dimensional; I am finding myself to be worryingly more accepting of this strange occurrences these days). We questioned Anna (let’s face it, she was probably the one who brought them here, even if it was by accident. She has done it before, after all), but she didn’t seem to know how they got on-board.

The following morning, we see a most wondrous sight (terrible, but wondrous). A castle, atop a floating island of obsidian. The compass directed us to the fortress at the centre of the keep. With our destination set, Viloman flew ahead to scout the lay of the city surrounding the fort. However, a spray of what can only be described as some sort of lesser dragons fire promptly ended the scouting mission. Ozric recognised the weapons as Cathayan in origin.

When Viloman made it back he reported 50 of something called Tygurr-Men (these Tygurrs seem to be some sort of striped cat), and several daemons standing in a pentagram, which was odd, because the city was supposed to be empty. We circled the city, quite openly in our ship, letting the Tygurr- Men see us do it. And we eventually snuck off the ship on a zip line, and sure enough our plan worked. The Tygurr-Men carried on following the ship, leaving only a few to guard the entrance. We promptly destroyed the creatures before they can sound the alarm (thanks to some minor heroics by myself, I managed to smash the horn with which they would have summoned their allies).

We ran as quietly as we could to the citadel itself, and found the key with surprising ease. With what we came for in hand we set off back to the ship, hoping to time our arrival so we could almost just jump back on board while giving the enemy minimal time to shoot at us. Unfortunately, Nym managed to knock over some pots, making a lot of noise. He does responsibility for it by leading the resulting Tygurrs away and then doubling back after he lost them. When we left the city perimeter, we realised why the army hadn’t taken the key, it started to fade away.

Anna suddenly scurried up the rigging to the crow’s nest and started doing… witch things. She then shouted out for Griselda to climb up, who promptly climbed up, carrying a hammer and chisel. She shouted out for everyone to brace themselves and tried to cut a small piece from the island. The whole island shattered and broke up, turning into a strange powder, which apparently held quite potent magical properties, and Griselda was left holding the last, fist sized chunk, of the once formidable island. Making a small bag from some surplus sailcloth to keep them together, we place the rock and the key together and the key seems to reform again.

With another key in our possession we head towards the final chaos held key. In a realm filled with sorrow and despair. The city is full of daemons, who seem to have no sense of time, and know only sadness (good), even we seem to lose our way for a while, but we eventually find our way to something that looks like a frozen explosion. We threw some rocks in to see if it was safe for us to enter, and the rocks seemed none the worse for wear. So we set foot across the threshold. And didn’t die.

We headed toward the centre of the… event, where we found a strange frog like creature stuck to a wall, murmuring to itself. Half of the creatures body seemed to have been destroyed, presumably by the explosion that still seemed to be trying to rage, if somewhat ineffectually. He was holding onto the key rather tightly, and we all agree that it is probably through the key that the explosion is held in check. So Viloman and I decided to retreat to a safe distance before Ozric, Nym and To’Mas grab the key.

Shortly after we emerged from the cataclysm, the other three emerge swiftly with the key in hand. And the explosion soon resolved itself. The oppressive atmosphere of the realm seemed to lift, and everyone in the group seemed to feel the sense of despair ease greatly, unfortunately, this seemed to extend to the local daemon population as well. After quite a while, we found our way back to the ship again.

When we got there, we were greeted by what appeared to be another of the dark characters daemons. Though this was proven to not be true when we refused to give it the keys we had found so it could “keep them safe”. It promptly ran away when it realised it could not trick us. And with that, we emerged from the realm of chaos. Hopefully for the last time.

Ours was not the only freedom from that realm that was gained that day. The dragon we had seen at the wall also rent its way free from the warp, and tore through the skies towards the west.
With our adventures in the warp drawing to a close, we decided to set down in nearby port to resupply and for some well-deserved shore leave. Apparently we’ll need to go to Cathay, those Tygurr-Men were, apparently, under the employ of the sorcerer who placed the curse upon the travelling companions. And their presence can only mean that he has found a way around the arrow that we fired at him. Given his power, this is a worrying state of affairs. So we are currently in the process of acquiring some heavier weapons for our arsenal, before we head off, to the great realm to the east…

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Memoirs of Magnus 8

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