Journal of Ozric Von Harbinder Entry 16

Entry 16

Several days into the warp and the crew are complaining, a lot. They say that the Goblin has been roaming the ship at night and that there is a thief on board stealing things. I look at To’Mas just to make sure, he shakes his head. Now I am not sure about this Goblin fellow. He is not always a Goblin and transforms into a strapping handsome young man, among other things. Also Ana keeps insisting that she is married to him. As Nym, Viloman, Magnus, the other priest, and Griselda for that matter have not slaughtered him I assume that he is a human under some kind of curse. Ana swears that he cannot be the thief but if it turns out that he is we will have to punish him in some way. To’Mas begins and investigation into this. I am on watch tonight, so I strap on my sword, holster a pistol, gather my rifle and head up on deck. I am patrolling the deck when I begin to hear a commotion below. I head down to find Griselda tearing into one of the walls. I soon catch sight of the problem. We seem to be infested by Gremlins. Gremlins are little demonic creatures unaligned to any of the powers they just like causing havoc. I suggest to Griselda that she start blocking off the vents as the gremlins are using the ducts to get around the ship and stay out of our reach. If she blocks all but two of the vents then we can use one of the vents to drive the Gremlins out of the ducts by pumping smoke into the vent, and then we’ll be waiting at the other end. Ana suggests that we burn some of her herbs to create a poison gas, I suggest that maybe we use steam instead, we finally settle on getting the priests to bless us some barrels of water which we then convert into steam and pump into the vents. It works like a charm. In the meantime To’Mas has coordinated the welcoming committee. We quickly wrap this up and are done all Gremlins gone.

None of us can really sleep at the moment and Viloman decides to give To’Mas some fighting lessons. He says something about if you are old enough to carry weapons then you should know how to use them. There are times when I wonder about our noble knight. Come on To’Mas is a Halfling age unknown, not a bloody child. Still this is quite amusing so I sit back a heckle To’Mas, not losing your temper and maintaining focus is a big part of combat, so I am helping really. That is until Leon notices and insists on training me. Magnus and Lucius join us as well.

A few days later we emerge from the clouds and see a city on top of a huge outcrop of black obsidian. Only problem is that the city and castle at its centre is floating in the sky. Magnus’s compass is pointing at the tower in the centre of the city. Viloman takes Brightwing and scouts ahead. He is attacked by Cathayan Rockets and returns to tell us that there are about fifty Cathayan Tiger beastmen, an Artillery squad and a number of demons just inside the city. We travel a couple of times around the city while the beastmen follow us. So when they are still reeling from the movement we slip into the city, and the ship keeps going.

We encounter a squad of beastmen and slaughter them though it is a close thing as one nearly gets away and warns the rest of our presence. It wont take them long to notice the missing beastmen so we quietly peg it towards the tower. There we retrieve the key and head out. As we are leaving Nym knocks over something which makes a terrible racket. We shift it fast with Nym and Ana creating distractions to cover our escape. We get back onto the ship only to find that the key is beginning to fade. It seems to be linked with the castle and the obsidian rock, We get Griselda to remove a bit of the Obsidian, with some unexpected results. The entire plateau just disintegrated and the city rained down from the skies I imagine it was quite a sight but we were too busy to dodging rocks and falling beastmen. We grab the small bit of rock that Griselda has removed stuff it into one of the sacks made from the magical sailcloth and stuff the key inside. The key stabilises and everything seems fine.

We sail off into the warp…. Sometime later we come to what must be the inevitable City. We head in and by Myrmidia this is a depressing place. There are people and demons everywhere but they are all so depressed that they pay us no attention what so ever. We search through the city until we come to an energy dome of some description filled with rocks and stuff hanging motionless in the air. Ana heads into the dome with no seeming damage so we all head in. In roughly the centre of the dome we encounter some strange kind of Frog-Lizardman, his body is half destroyed but he does not seem to have noticed. He seems very despondent almost depressed. After To’mas chatted with him for sometime he handed over the key and we left the city rather hurriedly. Just as we reached the ship there was an enormous explosion behind us.

According to the crew we were gone for more than a week……

We traveled on. As the clouds clear we found ourselves once again over Estalia. At last we were home, well back in our world at least.

Journal of Ozric Von Harbinder Entry 16

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