Crew Morale

Tomas’ gossip check passed by 4 degrees

The crew are extremely uncomfortable about having a siren onboard. Some of them have lost friends around Siren Rock. They are even less comfortable about going to Siren’s Rock.

The crew are hungry and thirsty, and a good number of them didn’t get to spend their cut on the mainland so are frustrated. Fights are breaking out over biscuits, grog and anything else that happens.

The crew are scared of Morgaine, of Viloman and of the bear, hippogriff and pretty much the rest of the party. This is probably good provided they don’t become truly terrified. The crew have mixed feelings about the ship taking flight. Some are excited about the plundering potential, some think it’s unnatural.

They’re uncertain of what’s happening now, how they’re going to be making money, what their cut will be and how and where they can spend it. A lot of them want to leave but this isn’t new as many of them were pressganged into it (one of the benefits of giving them leave at pirate bay – they’ve got no escape route).

The crew are being worked too hard because there aren’t enough of them left. Morgaine wants to stop at a port and pressgang more labour, and maybe hire some skill too – she knows a few names at a few ports nearby. Certainly at hard rationing they only have about four days before they run out of water. Then, again at hard rationing, four more days before they run out of food.

The navigator was pressganged in (bopped on the head, woke up on board ship offered the old ‘work or die’ bargain). The doctor was serving on board a merchant vessel when he alone was offered the deal, the rest of his crew dead or offered the same deal.

ToMas’ Thoughts Opinions
We need to make landfall soon and re-crew soon. Though He doesn’t like the thought of press-ganging, that’s kinda a little too much like “violent kidnapping” for ToMas to be comfortable with. Perhaps a complete re-crewing, with people who respect the Dwarven Craftwork…

Can Odric or Ana magically create more water and/or food? Or somehow perform a “Bread and Fishes” miracle with what we have left? To attempt to stave off the rest of the crew dying before we reach port? How many crew do we actually need to run a magically powered Dwarven craft anyway?

Lucky’s Thoughts Opinions
Hey boss I need more bones. Big bones like cows femur bones, you know my favourites. I am starving come on boss buy me more bones.

Ozric’s Questions

What are we planning to do with the ship other than use it to get us to Sirens Rock? We’re planning to give it back to the Dwarf as soon as he can get us to a safe port The dwarf has been told a little of the strange events surrounding you, and is prepared to carry you on her vessel until the events are done, for good or ill.
Are we going to be Pirates? Viloman wont like that! Nope. But I am planning to keep in touch with the First Mate – she looks like a useful person to know
Are we going to be merchants? We could be smugglers without Viloman noticing! that sounds like fun
What is the nearest port? Diamanterra in Estalia
Should we offer the crew regular pay rather than a share of the loot? I assume that this is the current situation. Maybe some of those who have been pressganged would be willing to stay on for regular pay? I think when we get to port if we want to take a ship somewhere, we hire a crew outright for basic pay
We should draw up Ships articles once we have decided on the purpose of the vessel. If we are intending to keep it that long – Viloman already promised to give it back ASAP
We might wish to consider hiring a group of Marines/Mercenaries. This would deter any idea of mutiny among the pirates still on board.
We definitely need to recruit more people, but will we be able to hire enough people to replace those that wish to leave? You aren’t short on money
We should consider the possibility of heading to the nearest Tilean port city. The Tileans are crazy inventor type people who would love the concept of a flying ship and might be more disposed towards serving aboard one? Quite possible. Tilea isn’t too far.

Incidentally if you’re asking questions Odric can tell you that Siren’s Rock isn’t inhospitable to land dwellers (assuming you haven’t been drowned by the sirens), it has fresh water (although that’s not the Siren word for spring water, it’s more like burning water), and fruit. And Siren’s rock is very close.

Crew Morale

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