Anastasia's View 16

Aboard the stone ship we find that the animals must remain in the stables. I don’t like the idea of leaving mother after what we have been through – so opt to stay there with her. I think my friends have similar ideas because all but To’mas stay with the animals. We are locked in, which seems like a reasonable precaution – we can’t exactly trust these people just because they rescued us nor can they trust us. We are left with ale and rations so I’m feeling relatively comfortable. The magic on this ship is a deal lighter than what we encountered on the wreck!

After a few days my little family seemed to have calmed down as much as possible. Poor Dobby was as traumatised as I was. I decided to pass the time by having a go at some of the spells I was taught. I managed to bully a little ale imp into making some marsh lights, but he retorted by cursing me when I tried to make sounds! I will have to learn to be more forceful with the little blighters! And maybe start smoking tobacco…

Anyway, this didn’t get a good reaction from Magnus. I don’t know what he’s grumbling about. I haven’t done anything wrong, and am WAY out of his poopy jurisdiction. Plus, he’s on a short leash after trying to kill Udric. He should remember his place. I think I’ll get a better hat than his to remind him.

After a while (it’s hard to know timescales when you’re in a room with no windows) the ship docked, and some time after that To’mas made contact with Vilo. I didn’t bother trying to listen in. Vilo generally knows the best plan and lets us know when need be if we should do anything. Another bunch of time later, a dwarf melted the lock and came to talk with Vilo and To’mas. What was even more impressive was the way he sealed the stone again! Anyway it seems that we must take the ship and remove the pirate crew. Good job we did not trust them!

To’mas worked his magic (he really is rather resourceful); and with very little trouble (for me anyway, I’m a lady!) Vilo had taken charge and our dwarf friend seemed a sight happier. By this I mean he didn’t look like he was about to murder everyone. Anyway, we took off from wherever we were, while being shot at! The previous captain must have known people here or something.

Just as we thought we were all going to die, we were ordered to chop down the main mast. I did wonder why a stone ship had masts, but I will not pretend to have knowledge of the Dwarven arts. In a truly Epic* fashion, a huge balloon erupted from somewhere within the ship, and we took off! The whole stone ship and everyone on it floating easy as a feather in the breeze! It was amazing. Sadly I couldn’t take too long to appreciate the view, knowing my little entourage would not be enjoying the alien feeling.

So, I dashed downstairs to comfort them, knowing we were finally safe for a little while…

* Did someone use a fortune point?!

Anastasia's View 16

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