Anastasia's View 11

Well, I’ve almost had time to relax! After doctoring some poor wounded villagers I was welcomed into one of their homes for a power nap…I was hoping for a bit longer but Mother came trundling in with the cubs after 20 minutes or so, and the home I was in was not err…spacious enough for a lady of her…stature… sigh.

It was a good thing really, as in that time the gang had already spoken to the elves and found out that the village was attacked thanks to illegal poaching. I did notice plenty of pelts around considering the ‘poor’ status of these people. It seems that it is up to us to find who has been doing the poaching, and return their trespassing butt to the elves. Nym has been noticeably absent, which is understandable I suppose. I also have this weird ache in my gut – might be the villager’s wine…

Over the next couple of days we tried to find out who was at fault. It seems the poacher is a famed archer known as Robin of the Hood, and the villagers love him! They say he sells them food and furs at a price they can afford so they are not starved by the tax man. This has come about because the evil bastard law man ‘Nottingham’ has taken over. It is such a terrible situation, we’ll have to bring Robin to the elves, who will probably kill him, when all he was doing was trying to help. And after we do that these villagers’ lives will become even harder. Surely there is something we can do…

To’mas you beauty! Technically the law man (they use a fancy word here) is to blame, for he is the one that caused the people to need Robin’s help in the first place. If everyone has enough food, no poaching will be going on. Brilliant. Not sure if Viloman is along with this plan or not…sometimes I swear he lives in his own little world.

Incidently, I had a little word with Ozric about Lucky and his ability to talk to To’mas. He seemed quite amused, but I think the boy will listen to him, he certainly looks up to the man.

Well, I must say despite some fantastic efforts by everyone, especially Nym for securing a beautiful elven flask… I am more than a little nervous. This plan hinges on Mr Nottingham drinking the sleepy beer, and if he suspects that something is amiss all hell may break loose.

Here goes nothing.

Anastasia's View 11

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