Paul Bretonian

Viloman (last name?)Knight Errant of Bastone

Height 6", Weight 150 lb, Black hair long tied back in a pony tail, scar on left arm, blue eyes,

Mother, Rhadegund, 50’s of noble lineage from Bordelaux small holdings, blond hair blue eyes, kept her shape well.

Father, Waldon ,knight of the realm, from a long line of grail Knights, but not in the last 200 years. family kept from advancing far in the bretonian society because of this. also refuses to engage in politics leading to the family’s current financial problems

Brother 1 berletois 25, tall strong but not very bright, very sure of himself and the inherent rightness of his view, has just come back after the war against chaos with his new knight of the realm status. has been granted a position in the house guard of the local duke but has been stationed in his old holding to help with the running of the place as the father is getting to old.

Brother orderic 21 has not yet set out on his errantry ride, spends a lot of time with the merchants and feels he would be better suited to running the land than his older brother, very small of frame but devious in nature. is trying to find an easy to complete his training with the least amount of time and work necersary.

Sister Marie, 20

Me, has always known his time and life would be away from his home and as such has built his life around leaving. the call of the wander lust in his blood was so great left at the first chance he got taking his brothers armour when he returned with his new set of Bretonian armour in his personal heraldry with such speed and enthusiasm that meant most of the minor ware and tare had not yet been fully repaired. he feels that he is being pulled into a meeting with the lady and he hopes he will be found worthy of her grace.

Feifdom name, relatively small with good fields and 3 small but functional towns, wealth in recent years have started to fall away sharply, this is due to my father not wiling to deal with merchants and they have been slowly eroding support and taxes away from him to try and force his hand.

Extended family?

family feuds?

Common knowledge (Bretonnia), Gossip, Speak language Breton, Academic Knowledge (genealogy/heraldry), animal care,
animal training, common knowledge(wine), Dodge Blow, outdoor survival, ride, speak language (Reikspeil)

stout hearted (+10% to fear and terror, +will power bonus to resist intimidation), very resilient, Etiquette, seasoned traveller, SW (cavalry), strike mighty blow, Virtue of Chivalry.

WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
49% 29% 40% 46% 34% 30% 37% 35%
2 10 4 4 4 0 0 2

heavy armour, (full plate), lance, sheild, light warhorse with saddle and harness, grooming equiptment, animal feed (7 days). 19gc 6 S 1 BP. starting adventure kit



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