Naeve the Alterer

A forest spite of Athel Loren; Naeve is a lot of mischief in a tiny package


(Features in the backstory of Nymraithir)

Curious, capricious and quick to take offense, Naeve is a quintessential forest spite. Fat on Nymraithir’s magic she follows him everywhere, ready to aid him in weaving his war-aspect. Naeve usually appears as an insectile fairy-type creature, however she can and does change her form depending on her mood. So far she has never spoken to anyone except Nymraithir, and even then she whispers into his pointy ear. She can be quite expressive with body language, however, and laughs quite often, particularly when someone’s in pain.

Naeve’s own history is unknown, forest spirits are strange creatures, of the same ilk as daemons, and perhaps flashing in and out of existence as quickly.

WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
65% 38% 15% 27% 82% 45% 35% 62%
1 4 1 2 3 (5) 3

Skills: Concealment, CK Elves, Follow Trail, Navigation, Outdoor Survival + 10, Perception, Speak Language: Eltharin, Speak Language: Malla-room-ba-larin, Charm, Dodge blow, Silent Move + 10
Talents: Night Vision, Ambidextrous, Polymorph, Natural Weapons, Daemonic Aura, Flying (5)
Traits: Tree hop (Naeve can go inside a tree, and instantly travel between trees provided their roots or branches are touching and they contain no hostile denizens)

SPELLS (at magic 3)
Calm the wild beasts: CN 5, half action: Soothe animal unless it passes WP (+10 ride)
The talking beast: CN 7, free action: Give a beast the power to speak with creatures of the warp and other beasts
Crow’s Feast: CN 17, full action: Damage 3 hits to the head in a large template area

Daemonic Aura: +2 TB vs. non-magical damage, immune to poison and suffocation, magical attacks

Polymorph: All hits are hits to the body
Tiny: -20 to hit in melee, -50 to hit ranged

Naeve the Alterer

Warhammer Fantasy Minted1985