Mae Ling Von Harbinger


Current Career: Noble Lord

WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
32 41 31 38 39 45 39 45
+25 +15 +10 +10 +20 +20 +35 +30
57 56 41 48 59 65 74 75
1 10 5 5 4 0 0 1
+1 +6 - - +0 +0 - -
2 16 4 4 4 0 0 0

Skills: Blather+20, Command+20, Common Knowledge (Cathay+20, Nippon, Ogres, Ind+10, the Empire), Consume Alcohol, Performer (Flute, Fan Dance, Actor+10), Charm+20, Gamble+10, Gossip+20, Read/Write+20, Ride+20, Speak Language (Cathayan+20, Reikspiel+20, Nippon+10, Ind, Norsican, Breton, Classical), Academic Knowledge (the Arts, History+20, Geneology/Heraldry+10, Law+10, Strategy/Tactics), Evaluate+20, Perception+20, Concealment+10, Disguise+10, Lip Reading, Pick Lock, Shadowing, Sleight of Hand, Secret Language (Guilder), Silent Move, Haggle, Dodge Blow, Intimidate,

Talents: Strong Minded, Marksman(5BS), Etiquette, Luck, Public Speaking, Savvy(5INT), Specialist Weapon (Cathayan, Parrying, Thrown, Fencing), Schemer, Deal Maker, Suave(5FEL), Flee, Linguistics, Sixth Sense, Streetwise, Master Orator, Martial Art (Wru Shu)

Equipment: Cathayan Longsword, Main Gauche, 5 Sets of Best Quality Noble Garb, Destrier and saddle and harness, Jewellery worth 560gcs, Personal Maid, Disguise Kit, 4 Homing Pigeons, Best Quality Hand Weapon, Best quality Leather Armour,
GCs 610

Career Path Noble, Courtier, Spy, Politician, Demagogue, Noble Lady



Mae Ling Von Harbinger (nee Tching)


Mae Ling was born 50 years ago the fifth child of Draik Tching Warlord of MiengXi province. Mae Ling was Draik’s favourite child and he afforded her the best education available in MiengXi. She was sent at early age to the Dragon Court. It was there that she first saw and fell in love with Revian Von Harbinger. On his part it would be some years yet before he noticed her. Mae Ling was politically savvy from an early age and she quickly made a place for herself at court. She maneuvered herself into positions of influence and began gathering information for her father.

She had many suitors within the Dragon Court, but having already decided that she would marry Revian Von Harbinger the Imperial Ambassador to Cathay, she did not take these suitors seriously. However being possessed of a keen political mind she continued to string these suitors along, in that way she managed to manipulate the young men of the court for several years.

When she was 23 years old she finally decided to make Revian aware of her intensions. She first approached Revian at one of the many balls held at the Dragon Court. There began their year long courtship. This courtship and their eventual marriage caused a scandal in both the Dragon Court and the Imperial Court in Altdorf. Revian fought three duels against other suitors and then had to face Mae Ling’s father. When the emperor finally heard of their marriage he dismissed Revian from the position of Ambassador. Luckily Revian was much respected by the Dragon Emperor who offered him a position within his court in Cathay.

Once they were married Mae and Revian took up residence in Weijin. Two years after their marriage she bore twin children one girl and one boy. Mae continues to operate as her father’s master spy and maintains a network of agents throughout Weijin and the Dragon Court.

Mae Ling Von Harbinger

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