Leon the Breton

An old knight of the order of the Blazing Sun


Born as a minor Bretonnian noble Leon rode to join an errantry war as soon as he was large enough to hold a lance. The fight was against a large orcish tribe who were killing travellers on the mountainous border with the Empire. The eager young knights tore through a force of smaller greenskins, and chased the fleeing wretches down through a pass. Their exhileration didn’t wane until the first wave of boar boyz came crashing down on them, charging down the sides of the pass. The day was saved when a small Empire force led by a knight of the blazing sun joined the fight, extracting the remaining knights and leaving the way clear for the bulk of the force armed with ranged weaponry to rain death down on the valley. The greenskins were massacred. And the bretonnian knights had been outwitted by orcs. Leon resolved to learn more of this knightly order.

Leon lived a full life following his god Myrmidia, travelling far, speaking many languages and applying his burgeoning tactical experience to various situations. He has surprised many war leaders inexperienced with the order at how quickly he obeys orders, and how implacably he will protect surrendered opponents.

Old now, with his body weakening he returns home to Bretonnia with the blessing of his order, to pursue one last adventure at the behest of his beloved god.


Leon the Breton

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