ToMas' Criminal Empire

As the young rogues reputation and influence grows, I’ll update the network.

The Empire
After being ‘Born’ in Hergig, ToMas is now considered a part of Spek’s band of miscreants and thieves. He wears a lapel pin shaped after a Black Fox to identify him as such to those in the know.

Nuln -
Temporary home of Lady Marie of Brettonia, a dark noble with a web of informants. More than she seems. We did a job for her, which resulted in her gaining significant power, and in exchange, sharing her knowledge and power base with Thomas.

This is where ToMas made contact again with Spek, and was officially welcomed into the fold. He has good relations with the underworld there, and is able to acquire most goods, at reasonable prices, after impressing them with his charm and wits.

The Oceans
Morgaine the Cruel
Pirate Queen, and grudging admirer of the ‘young boy’ and his chutzpah.

Inigo Montoya
Estalian swordsman, who was able to sink his blade into his 20 year vendetta, thanks to To’mas and Magnus.

Magnus the ‘Witch Hunter’ (+20% to skill checks used on this person)
Witch Hunter in Training. After needing to borrow a garrote for a ‘mission’ a short while ago, I let him know that I knew exactly why he needed it. The shame he feels at becoming a killer of the apparently innocent has made him nicely pliant to my wishes.

Griswald the Dwarf (+20% to skill checks used on this person)
Dwarven Smith and Son of our esteemed Ships Maker. After surrendering his place in the College in Nuln to become a Slayer to “wipe out the dark stain” on his families lineage that his mother apparently caused, he met up with Ozric and I. Seeing in the boy a lost and lonely spirit looking for a place to belong, I span a tale of brave adventure and monster slaying, and a reunion with his true family. Which part of it convinced him to join us, is hard to say, but he has certainly started to listen attentively, and is only too happy to help me in anything I need.

Estalia -

Tilea -

Border Princes -

Kislev -

Norsca -

Araby -

Cathay -

Mobile – Two new members of his loyal band of Rogues and Miscreants:

ToMas' Criminal Empire

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