Tomas 16

Okay, this voyage is getting pretty boring now. Nothing to do on this ship that’s fun. Bo’sun Dick keeps looking at me like he is hungry. The Doctor looks at me like I have way too many hands… (I had better not tell him I have a spare).. and the Captain… I am starting to think he is not a nice man. Oh, he is nice to me all right, but I am always being careful. Don’t want him to think I am a rich boy, ‘cos he seems to like money even more than I do… but isn’t as good at finding it.

We approach port and the Captain pulls me into his cabin for a chat. He says that he likes me a lot, and wants me to stay as part of the crew. But everyone else has to die. He doesn’t want the trouble a Bretto.. Britt… Daddy will bring once we get back to the Pirate Island. Apparently Daddy is likely to try to kill them. They must REALLY be bad people then, because Daddy doesn’t kill people if they aren’t bad. He even let that Magnet person live, and he tried to kill Uncle Odric. I tell the Captain that I can get Daddy to leave peacefully and he lets me go down to talk to them, escorted by the bully Dick.

I talk to Daddy and Uncle Odric, and I think they know that they are in danger. Daddy seems to be hinting that he wants to fight. I am going to have to do something to stop there being a really REALLY big battle. Let’s see… If I spend a day talking to the crew, perhaps I can find out who the problems are. The Captain wants to kill Daddy, so he has to go. Morgaine, the First Mate seems a little severe, but I haven’t seen anything really bad from her. She says she loves the ship and would serve under anyone to continue aboard her. The doctor is called “Butcher” by most of the crew… that’s not a good sign! The Navigator keeps to himself a lot, so I don’t think he is a problem, but the Bo’sun is hated. A bully and an idiot. He’s also stupidly loyal to the Captain. Or maybe just Stupid. It’s hard to tell.

Most of the crew are off ship after we hit port, money to spend, and drink. They are going to be gone for hours, and come back stinking drunk, so I take the opportunity to look around. The Captain has a LOT of stuff in his cabin that looks REALLY old. Might even be magical! I go back and let Daddy know what I have found out about the crew. He seems to still be intent to fight. I can’t let him hurt anyone that might fight back out of fear of what would happen if they don’t defend the Captain. This needs to be handled like the back streets of Hergig. Quiet and careful like.

The Dwarf that used to own the ship is listening in. I approach quiet as a mouse, and am pretty surprised when he turns to face me as I get close. Damned Dwarf must have some kind of magical hearing! We talk for a few minutes, discussing the Captain and the Ship. The Captain is a wizard. He knows about Fire Magic. No wonder they have a Stone ship! It seems the Dwarf wants his family’s vessel back, and to punish the Captain for taking it. The pirates took it from him, as he is the last of his family line. I guess that isn’t a lot to ask. So Daddy agrees that once we are done, the ship is all his. He melts the wall around the lock so Daddy and the others can get out… but I keep them talking so they forget to go… And the Dwarf ‘heals’ the damage and locks them back in so they aren’t ‘missing’ when everyone gets back. This gives me a little more time. I ask if anyone can teach me how to see magic, and the Dwarf gives me a pair of goggles that will let me see magic… ooohhhkay. But he did hear me coming, so he might have something up his sleeve.

I go back to the Captains Cabin, and look again at all the shiny stuff through the goggles. It all glows. There are orange glowing rocks, a blue glowing collar, some smoky black whisps of what appears when I lift the goggles to be “rocks”, a white glowing mirror (have I mentioned, I hate mirrors. Unicorn mirrors, sorcerers cursed mirrors, and mirrors tat open onto the magical otherworld and curse the ship…). I grab the orange rocks (orange is the colour of fire, so they must be for his Fire Magic), and the blue collar (I think it will fit nutter lady perfectly), and scarper back to discuss with Daddy and Uncle Odric.

I tell them what I took, and that I saw the black smokey rocks too… Uncle Odric tells me that’s WarpStone, and is very dangerous. I need to remove that too, I don’t want anything dangerous around when I make the Captain sleep. Just in case. The orange rocks are indeed power stones for Fire Magic. The collar negates the powers of the person wearing it – I need to get it onto the captains neck… (and onto the neck of nutter, afterwards).

Sneaking back in, I steal the Warpstones, and move to a lesser used area of the ship, intending to hide the sack of the stones. Morgaine spots me and I have to quickly do a bait and switch, and she grabs my ‘jewellery’ bag. After snorting derisively that its all worthless glass and metal, she tosses it back at me and wanders away. I am going to have to keep them on me. I wonder what having big testicles, erm, tentacles will be like.

The Captain returns, drunk as expected, and with a naughty lady (Daddy wouldn’t like it if I used the word the Captain used, but it rhymes with boar) which he takes into his cabin. I hide outside until he is done wrestling with her. After a half hour or so, he throws her out of the room with a few coins, and locks himself in his cabin. I guess she lost the wrestling match, ‘cos her clothes are all torn, and she is looking bruised. She scurries away, and I wait a little longer. Before long I can hear heavy snoring from him and I know this is my chance. Quickly picking the lock (these lock picks were more than worth their weight in gold. Best purchase EVER) I slip inside the room, measuring out a dose of my sleepy juice from the canteen into a glass next to his bed. I was going to let him drink it himself when he woke thirsty from the alcohol… but then I realise I may not have that long, so I carefully drip it into his mouth. It quickly takes effect and his breathing gets even softer. I quickly slip the blue collar around his neck. He twitches a little but doesn’t wake up. So I run and fetch the Dwarf.

I stand outside and wait while the Dwarf has his fun. Then when the sounds of a struggle stop, I look in and the Dwarf is lugging him towards the window. I quickly strip his pockets (don’t want anything to weigh him down. He wont be able to swim if it weighs him down) and remove the collar, and help the Dwarf send the Captain for a cold swim. One down.

We go let out Daddy and the others next, and I lead Daddy (who has started to glow. What the snake eyes is happening here?) to the Captains Cabin and tell him to wait. Then I run to the Bo’sun as if there’s a problem as he is coming back onto the ship. He’s even DRUNKERER than the Captain was, and has TWO of those naughty ladies. Though the ones he has look like they already lost a lot of wrestling matches. I blabber that the Captain needs him, urgently, and keep talking so he cannot think straight through his drunken haze, as I lead him to the ambush. I know Ranald doesn’t like violence, but as this man beats people for no reason, and is generally a mean man and likes to hurt people, I don’t think he will mind me making an exception in this ONE case.

I close the door behind Dick, and Daddy does his thing. A few minutes later when I open the door again, Dick is a beaten bloody mess, but still breathing. I am so proud of Daddy, not killing him. We carry him to the deck and tie him upside down to the mast, so the crew can see him suffering and helpless.

Daddy stands up and tells people that we have taken control of the ship, and the last Captain is dead. A fight breaks out (which is exactly what I was trying to stop. some people just want to fight for the sake of it) and Daddy wades in, punching anyone that threatens him. Morgaine comes up on deck, cursing us for taking over the ship. I would have thought she’d be happy, no more evil Fire Mage in charge. And she DID say she would serve under anyone. She sighs and shoots into the fight to make people stop. They do and she tells them in no uncertain terms that they are still a crew and will work like one.

Then she tells us that the Pirate King won’t be happy about us taking over the ship, and we figure that even Daddy can’t take on a whole island of Pirates. So we turn the ship and head for the mouth of the bay. But they have blockaded us! (I like that word. Blockade. I learned it from Morgaine before all this happened.) The Dwarf tells us to cut down the Mast and throw it overboard. So we do. I guess Daddy forgot that (former) Bo’sun Dick is still tied to it, ’cos he goes over too.

The Dwarf pulls some kind of lever thing and a large balloon lifts from the ship and we start to FLY!!! We can FLY in a ship! We are gonna be the best sailors EVER!!

We soar over the blockade and head out to sea, a flying ship made of stone, crewed by drunken ex-pirates, heading for the Sirens waters, to take our friend, finally, home.

Tomas 16

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