The Journal of Ozric Von Harbinger Entry 9

It would appear that To’Mas has joined a criminal organisation as he introduces me to merchants and black marketeers of all manner of description. I do some serious shopping I have purchased a new horse, a fine Brettonian Charger of the highest quality available. It does not appear to be the friendliest of creatures, and I think I only managed to buy it because it is a roan. The Bretonnians like their horses to be pure coloured. I brought me a full set of beautifully wrought full plate armour, and some high quality weapons; a shiny new Axe, some daggers and a pair of pistols. My very best purchase however was a real wonder that To’Mas found for me a: Hochland Long Rifle.

Well I am a lot poorer now, but hey it is only money. Luckily we are about to leave this place, because the amount of money I have spent will quickly draw attention to me.

We head down to the docks where there is only one ship currently pulled up against the quay. We approach the first mate who is overseeing the loading of the cargo on to the ship. The first mate turns out to be a women, she is hun and the wife of the captain. I explain to her that we need to travel, and the rather strange details of the composition of our party. I speak in very general terms, at no point lying but not be too specific at the same time. She finally agrees and then tells me her price, she wants 700 gc’s. Not an unreasonable price, but only a idiot does not bargain. I look outraged throw my arms up, tell Odric that the price is far too high, turn and begin to walk away. To’Mas jumps in and begins to bargain with the women and manages to haggle her down to 400 gc’s before we reach the end of the pier, and she loses the fee for good.

We board the ship the next day a head out to sea. Everything seems good. They are a good group of sailors, the ship is in good condition, the sailors are competent and in high spirits. The weather is fair and the ship is making good time. Things are going far too well it cannot possibly last.

That first night we hear screams coming from Ana’s room. I walk across the ship to her room. She is screaming that the door is locked and that she cannot get out. To’Mas is already there and he is tormenting her through the closed door. I let him have his fun for a little bit, she seems to be becoming more and more hysterical so I open the door for her before she completely loses it. She bursts out of the doorway and runs headlong down the corridor screaming all the way. She must have had one hell of a nightmare, or maybe there really is something there. I poke my head into the room and have a quick look around. Nothing seems amiss. To’Mas walks into the room climbs into Ana’s bed and goes to sleep. I return to my own bed and go to sleep.

The next day we rise and get some breakfast. The crew seems especially happy today. We discuss Ana’s freak out briefly but she does not seem to want to talk about it. The day passes rather boringly I spend some time talking with Leon the Breton he has agreed to train me in the hope that I will one day be able to join the Order of the Blazing Sun.

That night Viloman and Magnus decide that they are going to stake out the room Ana has been staying in. Ana refuses but Viloman persuades her in the only way he knows how. He picks her up and drags her screaming and kicking to the room. About midnight the screaming starts up again. I rush to the room in time to see Viloman smash a mirror on the wall we look into the mirror and see a large black chasm and as we look into the whole we see a mirror image of the ship warped by the powers of chaos. A wave of evil washes out from the hole and begins to transform the ship. We split up in an attempt to hunt for the demon captain. Viloman, Magnus and Nym head up onto the deck of the ship. Ana has run off again. We head to the cargo hold where all the animals are asleep except for To’Mas’s dog lucky, who begins to speak with To’Mas, damn Ana was right it really can talk. Either that or To’Mas is right and whatever Ana has got that allows her to communicate with her bears is actually contagious, hey I will let you know if my horse starts talking to me. To’Mas does not seem to bothered that the dog is talking to him and… hold on a second why is the dog not asleep like all the other animals, and if the dog can talk to To’Mas like Ana says it can why the hell can I hear him.

Still it will have to wait till later, right now we are in the middle of the ocean on a demonic ship we have much bigger things to worry about. We get lucky and head for the captains rooms at the other end of the ship. Ana blesses my sword before we leave so that I will have a weapon suitable to fighting demons. We arrive at the captain’s room and enter. A log sits open on the desk, I go to the last entry, it is dated months ago, I skim through it. It says that their daughter has not been the same since she returned to them some weeks ago. they are worried and wish to take her to see a doctor. We begin to search the room. On the bed are two skeletons their arms seeming to clutch at each other. As we search the room an apparition appears in the doorway. She screams at us to get out of the room. She seems bothered by the fact that we are in what I assume is her parents room, however she does not seem to be able to enter. To’Mas and I taunt her until she leaves by which time we have pretty much finished searching the room. As we leave to continue the search I see To’Mas take the two skulls and slip them into a sack, that’s disturbing.

As we head down the corridor we hear Ana screaming from the room she has been staying in. We rush down the corridor to find her fighting with the demonic ghost thing. To’Mas shoots the thing with one of his arrows from his new crossbow and tethers her in place. I draw my sword and charge towards the room as I near I see that the port hole is open and there are flying demons coming through into the room. Just then the demon ghost casts up a spell of ferocious winds and I feel the wind pushing against me but I push in through into the room offering up a quick prayer to Myrmidia and attack. Luckily the flying demons are having much more trouble with the magical winds than I am. I damage her badly just as Nym arrives with Viloman just behind him. The ghost demon dissipates and flows through the hole where the mirror once was. Viloman charges headlong through the hole and onto the other side. There he drives his sword into the beating heart of the chaos ship. As he does this the waves of chaos role back leaving the ship in its true state. It is not a pretty sight. The whole ships crew is dead and the ship is slowly rotting. We realise quite quickly that she is not seaworthy and will sink soon. Nym goes up top to scout for another ship, while we head for the holds to retrieve our equipment and the menagerie.

We head up on deck to find that Nym has spotted a ship and is trying to get their attention by firing flaming arrows at it, possibly not the best of plans. I pull my new telescope from my saddle bags and take a look at this ship. Its made of stone, no seriously it is made of stone, I try to wrap my head around the concept of how it is actually floating. Nope not going to happen. I will just accept that it is and not think about it too much. Viloman mounts up on his Hippogriff and flies over to the other ship. Shortly after he lands they change course and come to meet us.

Basically they are pirates, and the ship is of dwarven make. They do not appear to welcome us on board and I have the distinct feeling that they are planning to kill us, my hand is inching towards my sword hilt. To’Mas talks to the captain for a while and the tensions begin to ease at least on their part. They inform us that they are going to provide is with rooms but that we will be locked in for the rest of the voyage. I opt to stay in the stables with the menagerie and so do the others. All except To’Mas.

Its going to be a long few weeks on the highest locked inside a very large rocks. Rocks don’t float you know.

The Journal of Ozric Von Harbinger Entry 9

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