The Journal of Ozric Von Harbinger Entry 18

Entry 18

We rode from the ship to the gates to nuln. There we were stopped by the city guard. He questioned each of us as to who we were and what our business in Nuln was. I answered simply that I was a Knight of the Blazing Sun and I was here to visit the temple of Myrmidia. My colleagues did not fair so well in their explanations. Viloman promptly proceeded to tell the guard his and our life stories, we really need to teach him to lie or at least give less detail and leave a little mystery in life. Viloman’s informative speech led to the summoning of the Elector Countess Emanuele. She invites us all to a ball, insisted that we dock the ship at the city harbour and then promptly left with Viloman. The guard tried to charge Nym the ear tax, but Nym really did not want to part with a shilling and intimidate the guard until he dropped the idea.

Magnus, the coward priest, To’mas and I headed into the city, we planned to stop off at the Temple of Myrmidia and then head onto the temple of Sigmar where the priest would leave us. At the temple I inquired as to the schedule of services, as we would be staying a while. The brothers their offered me to stay in the temple with them. I refused under the basis that I would be staying with my comrades, and inquired as to a descent inn they could recommend.

We then left and headed to the Sigmar temple. When we got there the square contained around three hundred men and women. Near the temple doors was a witch hunter and about a dozen men at arms, trying to get into the temple. I rode up to the witch hunter and asked what was going on. After demanding to know who I was he explained that the sermon was overdue and the temple was locked. I asked if he wanted to get in, and then rode upto the doors, Kuan reared up and smashed the door in with his hooves and I rode into the temple, followed by Magnus, the priest and the witch hunter. Inside the temple we found two priests near death. The priest set to healing them up while I had a look around. We also summoned Ana for her talents and sent for a Shallayan priest.

I had a look around and questioned the Priestess once she had been healed. I managed to ascertain that a popular priest named father Gregory had been abducted, that the temple was unlocked when the abducters came charging in, that one of the initiates was responsible for locking the doors, and that the arrows they used were coated in what I had assumed was poison but Ana confirmed as being pus. Oh this is not good. It looks like Father Gregory has been abducted by a Nurgle Cult. I am thinking that I will be leaving shortly. The witch hunter appears to be of the same order as Magnus and he is intent on quizzing him about what has happened here. I head down into the catacombs and release the initiates and lead them back up to the temple proper. As I am wondering around I hear a banging come from the side door, I cautiously approach the door and open it. There lying unconscious on the ground is father Gregory. I look around but can see nothing and nobody outside. I drag the body in and inform the others of what I found. This is doubly not good. You do not go to the trouble of abducting someone and then just bring him back, not unless you have infected him with some terrible plague and plan to use him to infect others. I think I will be going now. I leave matters in Magnus’s capable hands and leave through the side door. My sixth sense is running full pelt, so I do not go far. I stop in the doorway and have me a cigar. Sometime later I hear shots from inside the temple, then an initiate comes running out the side door. He would be the one who betrayed the temple and left the door unlocked, so I punch him full in the face and drag him back into the temple and deposit him at Magnus’ feet. I note that it appears that Magnus has kneecapped the other two priests and seems to have everything under control, he seems a little overzealous and I hear him suggesting that they need to burn down the entire temple as it has become tainted.

Magnus leaves with the witch hunter and I head off toward the Alchemist and the Clock Maker, and there I book a room for the next month. Once I have done that I head into the Artisans district to see if I can buy me some cannons. The first Gunsmith I talk to is a Dwarf, reputed to be the very best in the city. Unfortunately he has a 18 month back log and is unable to help me. I keep looking and eventually find someone who can help. I order 14 Great Cannons, 1 hell blaster volley gun, four swivel guns and a small long range catapult. He says it will take him a month to complete.

I head to the ship at the dock yards to talk to Morganna. I inform her that we will be in port for about a month, and that we need more sailors and we also need to recruit 60 Marines. We need a constant watch and no more than 5 crew members are to be on shore leave at any one time.

From there I head back into the city to the Imperial gunnery school. There I persuade them to take me on as a student, it is going to cost me some serious money but it is worth it. The next day I am to start an intensive 1 month long course on everything I need to know to operate, maintain and repair the weaponry I have just ordered. I also begin recruiting six artillerists to operate the weaponry and command the Marines.

A week later the night of the ball comes up. We dress up in our finest clothing and we learn that there will be a man there with six fingers on his right hand. There is something vaguely familiar about that description and then we realise this must be the man Inigo is looking finally he can get his revenge. We bring him along to the ball with us, and he manages to manoeuvre Count Rugan into challenging him to a duel. The count cheats and wound Inigo quite badly, but vengeance runs strong in his blood and Inigo takes the count apart in spite of his wound. Meanwhile To’Mas has been running around all night with Leonrdo painting pictures of various ladies, very strange but I am sure he has his reasons.

Personally I thoroughly enjoyed the ball, there I managed to find a group of Hochland noble one of who turned out to be my uncle. I learnt a lot about my family that night, I look forward to travelling to Hochland to meet the rest of them.

The rest of the time was hard work. My tutors worked me relentlessly, we will see if it was worth all the hard work. As the month drew to a close I began to spend more time on the ship, overseeing the loading and installing of the cannons. Leonardo had completed the lift, and we had a new crew to integrate. Venzinni had also been busy he had managed to shift all the cargo we had brought from Tilea and acquired a new cargo to take to Kislev. I worked them hard for the last few days before we left for our shake down cruise. Just before we were scheduled to leave To’Mas and I were talking to Griselda and she revealed to us that her son was living in Nuln and she would like for him to join the crew. To’Mas and I headed into the city and persuaded him to come with us. He had been planning to take the slayers oath and die in battle, we told him that if he came with us there was a very high chance that he would die in battle and there would be no need to swear any oaths or shave off all his hair. His saw things To’Mas’ way and he decided to give it a shot.

The Journal of Ozric Von Harbinger Entry 18

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