Memoirs of Magnus 7

As we travelled towards our next destination, apparently in the realm of the Lord of Rage, a peculiar creature presented itself to us. It looked like a halfling, in attire that can only be described as particularly fine. What was most interesting however were the gauntlets that seemed to suppress the magical energies around us. They were powerful enough to bring our vessel to a complete stop. The little fellow made us many offers, on behalf of whom I can only assume to be the ruinous ones, the price for which was the usual, stop the quest. They also seemed to want the witch, which was both interesting and, and I’m surprised to find myself saying this, unacceptable. For all her flirting with the darkness she has proven herself to be quite useful, especially in fighting our more otherworldly foes (and given how often I’ve been using the compass I suppose I can’t really hold her to account for using other worldly aids). After making his offer to us the halfling stepped overboard and let us continue on our way.

Our destination, as it turned out, was an immense stairway carved into an equally immense cliff. After some deliberation, we convinced several of the crew to come with us (a most impressive act of valour on their part), while the witch blessed our weapons and ammunition. She must have said a word wrong because as she did this a wraith appeared and struck out at her. The trapped soul was swiftly dispatched by a horrifyingly enraged little To’Mas and Nym. With our weapons endowed with the ability to strike any opponents we should encounter in a harmful manner, we set out to climb the giants staircase. However, seeing as each step was a good five feet high, we took some wooden planks from the vessel and made a ramp we could use to scale each step with ease.

As we climbed the stairs, we encountered several ‘landings’. On the first was an immense battle between various daemons, we slipped through this whirling carnage with surprising ease, even the crew seemed to do it with surprising aplomb. On the second one, we met a lost Sigmarite priest, searching for an equally lost hammer, a symbol of their order. After some cajoling, we convinced him to join us. The third landing presented us with a strange room, in the middle of which was a vessel that would supposedly grant us “Blessings of the Gods”. Suffice to say we promptly moved on.

At the top of the stairs we found what was, presumably, a garden. The blooms there were almost certainly poisonous, and Ana gave us all bandages to wrap around our faces to avoid breathing the pollen in. As we cross the garden, some of the daemons tending it charged us while the others continued to tend their flowers. We slew them with ease, but as we finished the last one, several of the daemons tending the flowers looked up and started toward us. We realised that as long as we were fighting something they would ignore us and continue looking after the garden. So with great thespian skill, we “battled” each other across the field, and thus avoided having to truly battle anything as we made our way out.

When we finally cleared the garden, we beheld a truly galling sight. A dragon. The likes of which… I haven’t even HEARD of…. It was…. IMMENSE. It was also chained to wall, being tortured by a daemon, which seemed laughably tiny compared to the dragon. We see the key is part of the dragons collar. Given the way the dragon is being treated we decide it’s probably not here through choice, and decide to dispatch its tormentor, which is done with startling ease as we caught it by surprise. Ozric and Nym catch it with the rifle and bow respectively. While To’Mas approached the dragon, scaling it’s body to approach it’s ear to tell it we’re its friends and would release it provided it didn’t attack us. Then the elf did something which can only be described as suicidal. He approached to within the dragons reach to reclaim his arrow before To’Mas could tell the dragon not to attack us. Obviously, the dragon started swiping at the strange creature that is so brazenly approaching it and seemed to strike him quite a telling blow. To’Mas finally got the chance to tell the great creature that we were not its foe, and released it. With a great roar it flew into the sky and off in the direction we came from.

We retrieved the key from the remains of the collar and headed back to the ship. The dragon had helped us by decimating everything in our path back to the ship. As we passed the vessel again, Ana remembered that whatever was sacrificed, you would gain a boon of equal measure. We each placed an item into the vessel and each gained a boon. I placed the talking skull amulet into the vessel and almost immediately felt a greater sense of self assurance, and a skull mark appeared on my hand. Somehow I knew I could use it to strike fear into the hearts of my foes.

We returned to the ship and prepared to set off to the third key. Given all of the crew returned in one piece, I hope that the story of their adventure will raise the crews morale about being here and maybe encourage the others to chip in getting the other key.

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Memoirs of Magnus 7

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