Memoirs of Magnus 10

Our time in Nuln provided more tragedy. After the loss of the great Leonardo, I had hoped for more fortuitous events to come our way, but alas, it was not to be.

We started by landing in one of the rivers outside of the city, and proceeding on horse back. The city requests an elf tax, Nym, however, was not best pleased and refused to pay. Fortunately, the guard stepped down before things escalated too far (though I must confess, it was funny to watch). We were greeted, afterwards, by the Countess of Nuln herself, who invited us all to a ball she was throwing, requesting we bring the more unusual elements of our menagerie as entertainment for her guests. I was most pleased, later, to find that this would grant me an opportunity to prove myself a valued member of my order. Viloman, being his usual debonair self, whisked the countess away, while the rest of us carried on to the temple of Myrmidia.

Ozric paid his respects to Myrmidia, then we carried on to the temple of Sigmar, where we hoped to drop off the Sigmarite priest we picked up in the realm of Khorne. However when we got there, the doors were locked shut. A large crowd had gathered outside the doors, and another witch hunter was banging on the doors, trying to force them open. Ozric, still atop his charger, offered to help open the doorway. The horse promptly kicked the door open, and strode in followed shortly by myself and the other witch hunter.

The temple itself looked to be relatively undamaged, alas, the same could not be said of the Priests & Priestesses. A call was put out for a shallayan priest (Ana also slipped in to help, but she had to work in a more subtle way with the other witch hunter around). When the priestess was healed, she informed us that the attackers had gained access through a door that should have been locked, but in this instance was not. They had shot all of the priests and abducted the legendary orator Father Graygori. Ozric noticed that the arrows were covered in something that Ana confirmed was pus. Nurgle worshippers. He vanished as he searched the rest of the temple for survivors while I spoke to the witch hunter, whom, as it turned out, was a fellow member of my order. The disappearance of myself and the rest of my original hunting party, it would seem, had been noticed (I hadn’t realised how often ravens had been sent out, or have we truly been travelling that long?).

Ozric eventually returned with the unconscious body of the “supposed to be abducted” Father Graygori. A most troubling find to be sure, but not as troubling as what happened after Ozric stepped outside to drink some smoke. Father Graygori awoke, seemingly none the worse for wear. And EXTREMELY set on the notion that he was about to give a great and glorious speech to the crowds gathering outside the temple. After attempting to restrain him failed to deter him from this, and after he ordered the priests to keep me from stopping him, I was forced to render him unconscious (again) by striking him on the back of the head. I then set about disabling the approaching priests with a hearty application of bullet to the knee. Ozric burst back into the room, with a rather terrified initiate tucked under one arm. This initiate was the one who was supposed to have checked the back doors were secured, and rather suspiciously left it open. As Father Graygori is already lost to corruption, I put a bullet in his head, and burned his body. In my opinion the whole temple should have been cleansed this way, but my associate witch hunter persuaded me that this was not necessary, as the order would keep an eye on things. For now, however, I had to return to the order and explain what had happened to my group, and why I hadn’t reported back in such a long time.

Oh, how I missed the smell of truth being extracted from traitors. But I had little time to savour the aroma, I was sent to the inner sanctum to face the head of the order, where I explained the failure of our original quest to bring in Odric, the destruction of the party and my eventual allying to those that had previously been in Odrics company due to the vision I received from Sigmar. I also inform them of the saving of Lucius Helden, which obviously garners great attention from them. After “testing” both mine and Lucius’ character and soul, they release me back to my original charge, with an extra objective. The order had found several characters of unhallowed dispositions in some of the higher circles of society in Nuln. Most interestingly, one of them is a 6 fingered man whom a moustachioed member of our crew has been hunting for many a year. The other two are both women, one an elderly and spiteful creature of some standing, the other is the head maid. Given that our party have been invited to a ball where all of the targets will be present, this promised to be a quick task to accomplish.

And what a ball it was, the finest in all of Nuln society were present in all their refinery. As were all of my targets. I had acquired a garrotte from To’Mas (where does he get these things from? And why?), and a poison from my order. First, the six fingered man, I informed Ozric & To’Mas of his presence at the party, and they told the crew member, Inigo I think his name was, of the opportunity for revenge, for some slight he suffered back when he was young. The two eventually ended up in a duel, I must confess, at one point I was worried I would have to kill the man later in the evening, but the young Estalian managed to pull himself together and slew the man. One down, two to go. The elderly lady was easily dispatched with a poisoned drink, the same could not be said for the head maid though. She palmed off the drink to another maid, the only reason the wrong person didn’t die was due to the timely intervention of Nym. In the end I had to sneak my way down to the servants quarters and hide beneath a bed until the servants went to sleep. I then snuck down the corridor to the head maids chamber and found her praying in front of some infernal idol. A swift garrotting brought her dark rites to a sudden end. And I slipped back into the night.

The order, happy with my performance, release me to carry on with the key hunt. As I return to the ship, I am told that the spell which has robbed young To’Mas of his memories is to be removed. It seems that while I was kept busy in Nuln, a friend of the young lad was researching a way to break the spell, and now their efforts have bore fruit. The method to be employed is to enter the boys mind and break the spells hold on his memories. Troubling as I find this, I will try to break this dark sorceries hold on the lad.

Memoirs of Magnus 10

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