Magical Crafting Table

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Available Crafters

  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Griselda Stonekeel
  • Sophia, Priestess of Shallya

CURRENT UNITS of refined warpstone: 35


Item Crafter Warpstone Units Other materials cost/other items TIme Description
Witchsight Spyglass Griselda 4 1,500 gc 1d4 – 1 sessions A spyglass that allows you to view the winds of magic, note this is disturbing for non-mages. Uses magical sense or half int to discern complex things
Matter Transference Device Leonardo 20 10,000 gc 1d10 – 1 sessions Ship to ground 2 way teleportation. This unit will safely transport people and objects within a 2 meter radius to and from the ship regardless of how high up it is. Its effects if the ship is floating on the sea are unknown
Enchant non magical equipment Sophia 5 1,000 gc 1d5 sessions The equipment must be surrendered for the duration. Sophia can enchant the following:
  • Weapons – The weapon will no longer deal Wound damage to the opponent, but temporary Willpower damage instead. A creature with no willpower becomes helpless. Creatures of Nurgle are exempt to this and are dealt normal damage for the weapon plus an additional 1d10
  • Armour – Blessed by Shallya the armour will not allow you to bleed out. Additionally reduce the severity of criticals by 1.
  • Trinkets – This merciful blessing reduces the pain of the wearer. Tests against pain (e.g. torture) are at +20. Effects that cause incapacitating pain can be resisted even if no resistance is allowed with a WP – 20 roll
Vessel of Timelessness Leonardo 50 Arcane tomes on Chronomancy and Alchemy, captive skaven engineer, 50,000gc The sessions to acquire those items, plus 1d5 The vessel of timelessness compresses years into but a moment. Two may enter the empyreal pocket. Once sealed a huge sand timer will count down 2 years. The inhabitants don’t age, but gain 500xp each. The device must be recharged for two weeks, and needs to be refreshed with 10 warpstone units. There is no way in or out until the timer has reached zero

Magical Crafting Table

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