Journals Pre-Intermission

Session 28 – The Ball: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

500 xp

Session 29 – The Ball: The Party of the First Part


Session 30 – The Ball: Head Like a Hole

200xp due to being cut short

GM’s Recap: The luscious banquet was interrupted by two minor incidents: the brutal cranial goring of a rogue mage mid toilet break by Magnus, and the liberation of a dancing bear by Ana. Afterwards Ana found herself dancing with three spirits – dawn, noon and dusk who gave her a mission from the legendary Baba Yaga; acquire the metal box carried by the man in the butterfly mask, but beware of the blade sheathed at his side.

Session 31 – The Ball: Nobody Let the Cat Out the Bag


  • ?

GM’s Recap: Attempting to repeat his previous success Magnus lurked in the toilet once more, this time for butterfly mask. However the preternaturally skilled duellist blocked his narwhal strike before it drew blood. Meanwhile Ozric interrupted an assassination attempt on Wren, and intimidated and commanded the culprit Gunther Reikburg into his service (on parole). Viloman, Magnus and Ozric chased poor butterfly mask through the servants quarters and into the ballroom, where Ana danced him into submission and acquired the metal box, before the trio chased him down into a skaven infested sewer on zero wounds. Shallyan priestess Sophia arrived with troubling news about Lucius, and it turned out that Draal was back possessing someone and tormenting him in ethereal form. Between Ana and Ozric’s flaming swords however the daemon didn’t have long for this world, and was sent back to the empyrean. In the aftermath of the ball there were a surprisingly large number of unconscious drunk people with Cathayan longswords and large cat masks.
Now that the ball is over the group intend to fly North to Kislev through the Empire, in pursuit of the crystal keys.


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