Hergig is the capital of the province of Hochland. Once a large town a significant portion of it is badly damaged from when it was sacked by the forces of chaos in the recent war. The population is increasing rapidly as people return to their homes, though it still has a way to go before returning to it’s former value of over 9000. Principally a logging town work has started again in earnest to rebuild the houses and to salvage the harvest. Elector Count Adelbrand Ludenhof has returned to his castle which is also being rebuilt.

The large number of knights and soldiers travelling down through Hochland have done a great deal to clear the bandits and greenskins haunting the area. The inns have been doing a roaring trade as a result.

Unfortunately sorting out food and rebuilding houses and industry has been a priority, however the dikes built to control the regular floods from the river are only partially restored, and some fear that the Spring rains will cause flooding.


  • “I’d sooner burn my bow” – I’ll never do that
  • “You could skin him more than once” – Either he’s very gullible or very fat
  • “There’s no living peeling apples” – A task that pays poorly, from the Imperial practice of paying a very small bounty on greenskin
  • “Even unto death” – A toast amongst friends

Hergig: Large town, POP 4500 (9200 before the war), quite wealthy, Sources of wealth: Trade, Government, Timber, Agriculture, Garrison: Large.

Famous dish: Fired venison. Said to only taste at its best under the night sky in Hochland

Famed for: Hochland long gunners – the Empires best snipers

Others impressions: They love their bows more than their wives, and take them to bed more often!

Adelbrand Ludenhof

Ludenhof’s palace is less than an hours ride from Hergig (the capital) up a road through the forest, it’s up in some craggy terrain overlooking the capital. It’s well built and sturdy, and managed to hold much of the population of Hergig during the storm of chaos. Ludenhof makes little use of the palace’s luxuries, spending his free time hunting small deer and rabbits with his beloved hawks. He can often be found in his townhouse in the capital trying to hammer out deals with merchants, and checking the quality of goods in person, and generally raising morale, and occasionally holding court. He tries to be around Tuesdays and Thursdays to hold audiences as required.


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