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Custom Talents

Story and character based special talents.

Alter Kindred

See Alter Kindred

Bear Tongue

The player is able to speak to bears at all times. The bears will respond in sonorous and graceful voices from their own experiences. This ability can be useful in distracting or calming aggressive bears, finding out information, and so forth.

Lesser Daemonic Aura

Through sheer force of will the creature has had an aethyrial rebirth and altered their own form with their desire, gaining something of the daemon in the process. Against non-magical weapons they gain +1TB, their attacks count as magical, and they gain +20 to rolls made to resist poison and suffocation.


Either as a mutation, or a gift from a god, the creature has the ability to send messages mentally to the target (this could be one person, or a group, or ‘all’). Note that this doesn’t allow messages to be sent back (unless the target also has telepathy with an appropriate target). The range is WP*10 metres.

The Mirror Curse

If my servants cannot claim that which I seek from those who bear it, then those who bear it will come to my tower and be claimed by me.

The mirror curse is designed to bring the afflicted to the caster. Its effects are twofold; firstly it keeps the afflicted together as a group, secondly it keeps them travelling towards the location of the caster.

Although the afflicted will feel an ache in their kidneys unless they are physically touching all the other afflicted this will not have any in-game affect until they are moving away from them (or are being moved away from), or they are moving away from the point where the spell was cast beyond a distance of a mile. As the afflicted travels away (or is travelled away from) they will experience excruciating pain, beginning in the kidneys and moving up through the organs; as the distance increases they will begin to bleed from the nose, ears, lungs and other orifices.


Below are the game rules for this per 1 mile distance past the first (on failing a WP test the afflicted simply cannot force themselves to continue travelling away):

  1. Easy Willpower test (2 – 3 miles away) (WP + 20)
  2. Routine Willpower test (3 – 4 miles away) (WP + 10) : Additionally -10 to all tests from the pain until back to less than 3 miles away
  3. Average Willpower test (4 – 5 miles away) (WP) :
  4. Average Toughness test (5 – 6 miles away); One damage 2 hit ignoring armour per degree of failure; WP check at -10 per degree Toughness test was failed; Additionally an extra -10 to all tests from the pain until back to less than 3 miles away
  5. Toughness check gets one degree harder than above per mile onwards (6 +)


  • Direction sense – can always sense which way is East
  • Ally sense – can always sense the direction of allies (and can gauge distance by amount of pain)

Custom talents

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