Anastasia's View 21

As we sailed toward… err.. a place; we were rudely interrupted by a hideous little bacterium who sucked all of our Magic into a pair of gloves. I happened to bump into him (not hard enough) on deck. Apparently he was here to let us back to the real world and to take me to the.. that.. DEMON. At the mention of his name I couldn’t help myself. I swung for the bastard… again and again as he kept seeming to slide outwith my grasp. Slippery little weasel I won’t forget him! Mark my words.

Fortunately, my comrades had not opted to sell me out, and were just as keen to see the back of him. I may be failing physically, but soon I’ll have the power to make him dance to his death! The hempen jig would not be good enough.

Anyway, we were back up and running soon enough, sailing toward a massive cliff with massive stairs carved in. This was the doorway to Khorne’s domain, and the place we should find key number 2. Before we set off, the men decided to ask some of the crew to volunteer. I thought it rather generous that a few of them actually did. I doubt the’d have been so keen had they been on any of our previous forays…

Nonetheless, we trotted off to tackle the Giant’s staircase. Using planks of wood, we made ramps between each step to ease our journey, and it worked a treat. Those young whippersnappers may be able to leap and climb, but I’m an old lady! It was just as well we’d saved some effort, as the first landing was like home on a Saturday night. One God’s followers ripping chunks out of another God’s followers. That’s what the demon drink’ll do… or just the demons. We tackled this by running through, trying to avoid any blows. I was nicked on the shoulder.. but nothing serious.

The next stairway looked welcome as we left the rabble, and I coddled my siblings away from the demons chained to the walls as we continued our ascent. The stairs seemed to go on to infinity, so I kept my head down, knowing the big picture is never too great in this place.

On the second stairwell we were met by the back of a praying warrior. He claimed that he couldn’t go on, so I heckled him a bit. That’s the best part of being old, you can be mean and people think that it’s just because times were tough back then! With Ozric’s help he was perked up and I gave him a look over. He definitely seems legit.

We passed through an empty kind of hut with a ‘pot of destiny’ in it. it was very curvy, and I admired its undulations :) I wasn’t sure what it did, so we decided not to risk anything and moved on. Not ALL the gods are good!

A sobbing Magnus consulted his compass (I don’t really blame him for crying, those spirits are little bastards) and it turned out we had to go at just a bit more of an angle to the right. Sure enough, after another few steps we saw an end in sight… THE TOP!!! with a bit of renewed vigour we trundled on and reached our first milestone.

Looking out we saw a massive field of flowers. Of course, flowers in this place aren’t necessarily good; so I encouraged everyone (including the bears) to cover their mouth and nose with bandages for protection. Mother was NOT happy, but To’mas seemed to know just what to say to calm her down. He definitely seems to have a way with animals… Well protected, we continued our journey. Walking through the field seemed easy compared to the steps, but the horrible gardener beasts kept giving us odd looks, making me nervous. Sure enough, when we were deep into the field they decided to attack us. Of course we are now a well oiled machine when it comes to defending ourselves [lol] so we disposed of them in good time, but as soon as we stopped fighting the other gardeners started giving us looks again.

We figured out that actually, they just wanted us to fight, so To’mas made some convincing attacks, and I made an oscar-winning performance of fighting back. Ozric was not bad either, but the others clearly weren’t ac-tOrs. Anyway, we slashed and parried our way to the other side with no further incident. This Khorne daemon really wants us to work for our wage!

When free of the field, we took off the bandages (to Mother’s delight) and approached what appeared to be a keep or fortress. Behind the wall was the biggest dragon I have ever seen. I’ve not seen many dragons, but even in granny’s stories they were not THIS size! And all we have to do is take the collar from its neck. Hah.

Fortunately it turned out that we were in a position to ‘save’ this dragon, as she was being taunted by some kind of lion tamer. We agreed to the fantastic plan of To’mas sneaking in alone, while the rest of us took out the lion tamer guy and generally got ready to distract the dragon if something went wrong. Luckily, it went fairly smoothly, until Nym had the great idea of going after an arrow?! Well she somehow didn’t die.. and the next thing I knew To’mas had somehow cut the collar off. He barely had time to cut through one of the chains before the dragon flew off, celebrating her freedom.

Returning with the key, we retraced our steps through the field and down the stairs. I’d been thinking about the pot we found, and by the time we reached it I was fairly sure of what it did. I explained to the others that if we put something in, we will get something good – and demonstrated by sacrificing a little something and gaining a tattoo of better fighting.

I guess this reassured them, because the others had a go with the pot before we headed back to the ship. I do hope the crew are buffed when they see their comrades get back in one piece. I couldn’t help but notice a bit of a melancholy atmosphere on board. The ‘cubs’ sure slept well that night, It must be tough growing up and going off on adventures all of a sudden…

Anastasia's View 21

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