Anastasia's View 19

The idiots thought that it would be a fabulous idea to bring 20 warhorses on board. I’m all for cargo, but really, I prefer the inanimate kind. Ozric bribed me to help out so that is fine by me. I’m planning on a nice retirement when we get out of this.. whatever it is! Odric really had to go before we took off to our next folly. I don’t want to say too much but, well at least he was bearable. (like mother, haw haw.) He very kindly gave me a magic pendant which will make me look 100 years old. Now we are talking!

I can’t wait to get using it and see how much those stupid spirits want to mess with me now. Sadly, the testing of the pendant was not the jolly affair I’d hoped for. The ship took off; causing as much joy as I’d anticipated for the 20 Warhorses that had only ever had all four hooves off the ground for a moment before. They did have to fend for themselves, though, as the deck began shaking and tilting much more than I’d ever felt it. Luckily my brave little family were able to look after each other below deck. When I surfaced from the lower decks I was confronted by rapidly-enveloping darkness. Our ship was being sucked in and there was no way to stop it. The sails were hammered by the magical winds and all we could do was watch… and wait. Oh, and use my ace new pendant to prep us all with some help from the spirits! Nothing like a bit of magic to fight things from the ether.

It was fabulous. Magic is much easier when you’re an ugly old hag :D I also gave myself a bit of armour as we saw several heretical beings approaching. Nasty big blighters so they were, full of badness! Well I’ll tell them this, back in my day we’d just skelp those scallywags back to where they came from! The cheek of it! I blessed my ‘little helper’ ready to lay into the first one. That’ll teach them to respect their elders! I got a little bit muddled up in the thick of things, but it looks like the boys are all worth their salt, especially to’mas keeping up with the men. Well. So he should! In my day they had to be helping daddy from when they were just a lad. Indeed.

That ornery lad with the funny hat took a sore one mind. I patched him up right enough and will make a nice broth, nothing makes you feel better! Once I’d tucked him in below deck I saw one of the things.. wait.. no this one is trying to help. He looks like.. a half caste? I always said you can’t allow just anyone to breed! According to him we need to help him on his quest in order to complete our own. No one ever does nothin’ for nothin’ any more. And we’re just to sail on down to the abode of a chaos god without even dropping off those bloody horses?! I’ve a good mind to tell him to shove his quest up his.. oh? That looks like a healing potion. I ask him about it, but apparently this is the reason he is still human. Cute. Well, nothing I can do about all this. I’m off to check on Magnus and try to do something about these burn-holes and gashes the attackers did me. Ursun protect us.

Footnote in childlike script
“I always said you can’t allow just anyone to breed!” Says the nutter boffing a greenskin…

Anastasia's View 19

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