The Journal of Ozric Von Harbinger Entry 21

Entry 21

So it took us a couple of days to reach Marienburg. We flew out a distance into the Sea of Claws, before landing and sailing into Marienburg, the less obvious we make it that we have a flying ship the better. I had been in Marienburg once before when I made my original journey from Cathay to the Old World. From what I could see and remember the city has changed very little.

We gathered our gear and set off into the city to locate the manor house that we now owned. Viloman was riding Brightwing through Marienburg and causing quite a stir as we went. We were soon approached by members of the city watch who requested that Viloman put the hippogriff away. After some discussion with the watchmen he recommended that Brightwing be housed with specialists in the city. To my surprise Viloman agreed to this in quite a reasonable fashion. Once this was resolved and Viloman was mounted on a regular horse we continued through the city. I found myself falling into old habits of watching out for To’Mas, but he really has changed a great deal. Where before he wondered the streets with a certain wide eyed interest in everything, now he positively strutted through the city with an air of confidence and almost challenge in his demeanour. It is slightly disconcerting to be honest but I suppose just one more thing I need to adjust to about my friend.

We headed for the Nobles quarter to find a tailor to create use costumes for the upcoming Masked Ball being hosted by the Masked Lord. Apparently this is set to be the event of the season. Minor complication here is that the Masked Lord is the owner of the Manor we have just inherited. Which apparently is me! I am the Masked Lord, Thomas has finally managed to do it. I have been on my guard for so long, but he has finally managed to make me an unwilling participate in one of his schemes. Oh well I suppose I need to just make the best of it. We found a tailor and managed to order up costumes for each of us. I went with an Eagle mask myself. Magnus chose a daemon, Viloman went with a Hippogriff, Nym chose a simulacrum of his own transformed self, and Thomas chose Racoons for himself and Rose.

Once finished with the tailor I manage to convince the party that we need to go and see an armourer by the name of Petra. This guy is renowned as one of the best armourers in the old world and he specialises in chainmail. After some negotiation and a little bartering we order up suits for myself, Viloman and Magnus. I also manage to offload the suits of Cathayan chain and Scale that we took of the Tiger Beastmen. With the order placed and the money paid out we continue on our way on toward the mansion.

As we step into the street Thomas says that he is going exploring and that he will catch up to us. I have to quash my old instincts as I nearly try to stop him from going alone, but then I remember that he is Thomas now, if he needed my assistance he would ask. We are met by a carriage pulled by a matched set of six horses which takes us on toward the mansion. As we are pulling onto the main thoroughfare the carriage is stopped by a lady. It is Lady Marie from Nuln. She ask for our hospitality and to put us up for the night. I am a little bit shocked. How the hell did she get here from Nuln so fast? I mean I know how we did it but how did she? Not wishing to have to explain that this is a vampire to Viloman, especially being that I am not yet totally certain of how to kill a vampire permanently and not wanting to get blood all over the nice carriage we are in which incidentally we own, I decide that it is best to just pretended that she is a nice lady and not the soulless bloodsucking undead creature that she truly is. I agree to take her onto the mansion and extend some level of hospitality to her.

We arrive at the mansion and are assigned rooms. This place is nice, really nice. I think I might like it here shame we do not stay in one place all that often, still I imagine if we did then life would get pretty dull fairly quickly.

The Journal of Ozric Von Harbinger Entry 21

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