Witch-hunter's Documents

Incriminating papers against nobility and seals of purity


This stack of papers was taken from the corpse of a witchhunter named Hendrig Brennensaltz during the second episode (crispy wolf).

Interesting contents

  • A series of correspondance between Brennensaltz and his sister Greta Brennensaltz who is in a mental institute in Altdorf (capital city of the Empire). He uses startlingly soft words in his letters to tell her about his work (talks about where he’s travelling, and focusses on the local wildlife – she seems interested in animals). From his broad descriptions it could be inferred that he has been hunting Odric for some time.
  • A thick collection of letters and witness statements incriminating a good number of Empire nobles. When interacting with a noble there is a 10% chance of they or someone they are associated with being incriminated (see table). (incriminition is used here to mean something they’ve done that will harm their standing in court)
  • Purity seals – these are proof that the bearer is a member of the order of the silver hammer – a witchhunter – and is therefore entitled to execute those found guilty of witchcraft. Most guardsmen, witchhunters, nobles and lawmen will recognise these (whether they’ll abide by the is another matter). Needless to say the punishment for impersonating a witchhunter is meeted out by the witchhunters, and is notoriously messy.

Noble incrimination

Who is incriminated?

  1. They are
  2. Spouse
  3. Sibling
  4. Closest ally
  5. Grandfather/ Uncle/ Aunt/ Cousin
  6. Child
  7. Parent
  8. Sibling
  9. Spouse
  10. They are

What did they do?

  1. Infidelity
  2. Infidelity
  3. Secret alliance with their greatest ally’s enemy
  4. Homosexuality
  5. Homosexuality
  6. Sends reports to the Emperor
  7. Sends reports to a foreign interest (d4 – Bretonnia, Tilea, Estalia, Kislev)
  8. Criminal (d4 – Murder, Rape, Arson, Grevious assault)
  9. Hiding a magically-potent person from the colleges of magic
  10. Infidelity

Documents like the incriminating papers are a tool used by many effective witchhunters to encourage the local nobility’s passion for halting the ‘corruption within’. Most nobles will grudgingly send a couple of guards to help someone bearing a seal of purity, but combine the seal with a threat to expose his sister as an asonist, and the witchunter will have a small militia at his command.

Witch-hunter's Documents

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