The Hand of Fate

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Formerly known as the Invisible Hand.

The invisible hand is a magical artifact that appears to be a good quality artificial hand. From the wrist a chunk of arm extends about three inches, leaving a smooth flat surface. The hand is cool to the touch, no matter how hot it gets. Despite the realism the hand is very hard. There is a small runic symbol on the under arm towards the end which glows during use.

Despite the name the hand is perfectly visible. However whilst its owner is in skin contact with it they are capable of moving objects within their reach without actually having to touch them, as though they had (you guessed it) an invisible hand. The bearer is able to handle objects with the invisible hand, and is even able to feel them almost as though they were using their own hand, the crucial difference being that they don’t feel pain. As such the item has great value to alchemists, engineers, sorcerers and all those who handle dangerous things, such as angry lab-rats, and corrosive chemicals. Obviously it also has great value to thieves, as the hand is spectral and exceedingly useful against locks that could not normally be reached (usually a bit of feeling around is needed first).

Extract from The Notes of Antonio Korvinus, Tilean Explorer and Diplomat, regarding magical items of Cathay:

“.. with blood as green as jade itself.

The Invisible Hand
The invisible hand is said to have originated several hundred years ago in the palace of the Eternal Jade Emperor of Cathay, allegedly being used by the court alchemists. It was stolen from there (alas I cannot glean more on how) and found its way into the hands of a sorcerer of the ruinous powers (worship of elements of those foul powers not being illegal in Cathay). The sorcerer held it for just under fifty years, before it was taken by a highly skilled cat-burglar. It is rumoured that the sorcerer had long been paranoid of a thief entering the vault, and had left a powerful magical trap surrounding it that would indelibly mark the thief. Nothing has come of this as yet.

The Ruby Fang
An exquisite dagger seemingly composed…."

In Game

The invisible hand grants short-range telekinesis in the form of a spectral hand to its bearer who must be in skin contact with it. The spectral hand allows the bearer to feel around by touch, even if he can’t see. The spectral hand is not stopped by barriers – the item being manipulated does not need to be seen. The spectral hands range is equal to the normal reach of the bearer – usually around 3 feet.

In order to manipulate the object a WP test must be made; this enables the bearer to manipulate objects for a number of rounds equal to the their Toughness bonus. Each failure makes this test harder by one step until rested for 8 hours.

Invisibility and teleportation can only affect so much mass, and only a limited distance away. It is possible that this could be circumvented with a lot of additional fortune points.

Fortune Point Power-ups

  • First Rune : Hand of Fate : In exchange for a fortune point the hand becomes more powerful, the runic symbol on the wrist briefly glowing extremely brightly. The WP test to wield it is automatically passed. The number of rounds it can be used to manipulate things becomes equal to double the bearer’s Toughness bonus. It’s range doubles. Additionally it operates at the wielder’s stats + 15.
  • Second Rune : Hand of the Unseen : In exchange for a fortune point the hand loses it’s telekinetic qualities, and instead makes the bearer and all carried and worn items invisible to sight (at a maximum one of these may be living). This invisibility to sight doesn’t extend to the affects of the bearers actions. If lookouts aren’t actively watching for the unseen then the bearer cannot be ‘spotted’ unless in water, smoke, tall grass, etc. If lookouts are bumped into, see furniture moving without cause, or hear laughter coming from nowhere they might start looking for the unseen. The invisibility can be dropped with a successful willpower test, at which point the hands other powers return. A successful willpower test is required to maintain it after each hour.
  • Third Rune : Hand of Domination : In exchange for a fortune point the hand loses it’s telekinetic qualities (and access to other powers), and instead enables the bearer to control the mind of another sentient creature. This is an opposed WP test. The bearer can control all of the targets actions, and the target is aware it is being manipulated. If the target is forced to do something out of its nature another WP check may be made. This effect can be ended at any time.
  • Fourth Rune : Hand of Transference : In exchange for a fortune point the hand will immediately convey the bearer (and up to one other living creature) to a place in unaided line of sight. May be done as a half action, or may consume the dodge reaction.

The Hand of Fate

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