The Harbinger

Dwarven made ancestral blade of the Von Harbinger Family

weapon (melee)

Blade you are to be the greatest of the legacies that I bestow to my line. I adjure you to defend Hochland against her enemies, to be woe to the foul and weal to the pure, to protect your wielder and to never betray my blood. – Emerich at the forging of Harbinger



In 1055 IC a younger son of the Elector Count of Hochland by the name of Emerich Konig was travelling on a diplomatic mission on behalf of his father to Karaz-a-Karak.

As Emerich and his companions neared the mountains and Black Fire Pass he encountered a group of Dwarves who had escaped the fall of Karak-Varn. He and his small retinue joined with the refugees and continued on toward Karaz-a-Karak.

As they neared the pass they were beset by a pursuing force of Goblinoids. Emerich and Skalf coordinated a rear guard to cover the retreat of the refugees. They spent the next 10 days in a running battle until they reached Karaz-a-Karak, where Emerich and Skalf readied themselves to fight a final last stand to buy the refugees time to reach the Dwarven hold.

The battle was long and bloody. In the final stages with only Emerich and Skalf still alive they fought back to back against the greenskins. Such was the ferocity and determination of the two that they managed to hold out until relieved by forces from Karaz-a-Karak. Emerich was sorely wounded and took months to recover fully from the wounds he had sustained. His actions however had earned him the honour of being named Dwarf-Friend and the lifelong friendship of Skalf Blackhammer. Once recovered from his wounds he pursued the diplomatic mission he had been sent to carry out and secured the relationship and supplies his father sought.

At this time Skalf Blackhammer was a relatively young Dwarven Runesmith. In honour of his new friend Skalf set to creating him a blade of the highest quality. He started work on an enchanted runeblade that would carry his Master Rune. Unfortunately the runes inscribed on this blade turned out to be but an essay in Skalf’s journey of Mastery of the Runes. Once done with the creation of this blade he named it The Harbinger and presented it to Emerich to be an heirloom of his family and to be wielded in the defence of the Empire and the Dwarves of the Old World.

As the years past and Emerich married and began to raise a family he chose to change the family name to that of Von Harbinger in honour of Skalf’s gift. In his later years he spent a great deal of time in Karaz-a-Karak looking after the diplomatic relations between Dwarf and Men.

After Emerich’s death the blade passed on to his son and the Harbinger has continued to be wielded in defence of the Empire and the Dwarven kingdoms for more than a thousand years.

The Harbinger was lost some 30 years ago when Ozric’s grandfather died during a war in Kislev. The blade has not been seen since.

The Harbinger

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