Tear of Kryss

An very large and exquisitely cut sapphire


This gem’s origins are recorded not in historical records, but in the legends and scrolls of the cults of Shallya and Ranald. One of Ranald’s numerous origin stories claim that he was once a mortal man who was so devious he tricked the goddess Shallya into letting him drink her tears, granting him immortality. It is claimed that this gem is a droplet that fell from his lips after emptying the divine challice. As such it has incredible religious significance to both factions.

When in the possessions of the Shallyans the gem is frequently the target of very brave or foolish Ranaldian thieves who seek to prove themselves. While in the possession of the Ranald temples it is common for it to be gifted back to the priestesses in payment for a great service of healing; such as saving the life of a high priest.

What powers it has are unknown – many priests of both factions claim their potency is increased while it is in their possession. However if their claims of its origins have any truth to them it is possible this gem holds far more power than this – perhaps even unlocking the secrets of immortality itself.


Tear of Kryss

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