Losgadh Caertas

A Greatsword of Dwarven Manufacture


Academic Knowledge: History (Hard -20 test)

Greatsword of Dwarven manufacture. Made of Gromril and carved with a Rune of Fire and a Rune of Fury.


Rune of Fire: Causes the blade to flame dealing an additional 1 point of damage. Flames have a chance to ignite flammable objects.

Rune of Fury: +1 to A characteristic when wielding this weapon.

Game Effects:

+5 WS (Best Quality)

+3 damage (Greatsword, Gromril, Rune of Fire)

+1 A Characteristic (Rune of Fury)

Flaming – Can ignite flammable objects

Qualities – Impact, Slow



Losgadh Caertas, which means Burning Justice in an old Hochland dialect, was retrieved recently from an armoury in the Marcher Fortress situated in the chaos realm dominated by Khorne by Ozric Von Harbinger and his companions. It has been wielded by him since and has been used in combat against Werewolves, Rogue Wizards and Daemons. Ozric named the blade himself after it was used to banish the Daemon Draal back to the Empyrean.

The blades history prior to its retrieval from the armoury is unknown at present. The only way to find out more about the blade would be to consult a Dwarven Runesmith.

Losgadh Caertas

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