Boxes of Ecu

What would you do with this much money?


A lot of money carried in two strong boxes on a cart. Counting it all would take a long time, but it is easily in the thousands.

Large box (mostly full) – approx 3′×2′×2′ – approx 240,000 ecu, weight approx 4340lbs (310 stone)
Small box (full) – approx 1′×1′×1′ – approx 24,000 ecu, weight approx 434 lbs (31 stone)

oxen can pull about 2.5 to 3 times their own weight – two oxen could manage this load comfortably.
Otherwise about three horses.
The siren cart is pulled by an ox, but the siren and her water weight quite a lot already.


Boxes of Ecu

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