Arrows of Hod-Kalla-Room-Ban

10 each of three different types of magical arrow

weapon (ranged)

Arrows of Hod-Kalla-Room-Ban (Hodekin)

Of the roots: Arrows wrapped in a web of Hodekin’s roots cause entangling on a hit as roots grow from them and wrap around the target (this effect will occur on hit or a miss of 0 degrees, deliberately missing like this is a called shot)

Of the branches: Made from the straightest of Hodekin’s twigs and branches these arrows never miss: +30BS, no called shot penalties, range is doubled

Of the leaves and fruit: fletched in Hodekin’s leaves and the wood soaked in the syrup of his fruit these arrows cause the person hit to fall in love with the first person he sees. (this ‘spell’ lasts for a maximum of a month, can be dispelled, target gets a WP check each time they are about to do something out of character. This affect can result in the target genuinely falling in love within that month however). These arrows do not deal damage.


Arrows of Hod-Kalla-Room-Ban

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