Brightwing (Viloman's Hippogriff)

Curious, hungry and highly carnivorous doesn't always make the best combination


Half horse, half eagle, and all trouble. Viloman took this creature on when it resembled a pile of dirty feathers and bones after its maltreatment at the carnival. He (because it is a male) is now plumper, sleeker and after months of exercise and good food, much, much bigger.

Hippogriff Care

  • Is ridden by Viloman as his primary mount.
  • Stabled somewhere he doesn’t cause havoc with the horses.
  • Groomed and hand (with a chain gauntlet on) fed every morning and night.
  • Viloman spends any available time with him, training him to fly.
  • Odric is studying his development and providing tips on training, and adding oils and extracts to his food to ensure optimal development.

Brightwing as a foal


Brightwing (Viloman's Hippogriff)

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