Vezzini was born to a peasant family living within the city of Sartosa. Vezzini grew up poor and vowed not to remain so. He was both Charming and Intelligent and soon became a successful tradesman and then a merchant of power. It was during his early years as a merchant that Vezzini realized that information was often more valuable than any trade item. He used his scheming mind to find ways to use the information he gathered in his merchant dealings to earn an even greater profit. Unfortunately his luck did not hold. Recently he sold information to a Pirate King of Sartosa about a merchant convoy heading for Marienburg laden down with expensive cargo from the Eastern lands. Unfortunately when the Pirate Fleet caught up to the Merchant convoy they were caught and almost completely destroyed by the Marienburg Navy. Only the Pirate Kings flagship survived the battle. The Pirate king blamed Vezzini believing that he had betrayed him to the Wastelanders. The King has placed a sizeable bounty of Vezzini’s head. Vezzini who’s trade was knowledge found out about the bounty and fled Sartosa leaving behind his home and business. Taking only what money he could carry he fled to Luccini and then on into Estalia. There he signed on with a vessel headed for the East. Unfortunately too late he discovered that while the ship was headed to the East it would be making several stops along the way the first of which would be Tilea.

WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
27 29 30 31 31 41 35 45
+15 +15 +5 +10 +20 +25 +35 +20
37 39 35 36 41 66 55 65
1 11 3 3 4 0 0 0
+1 +4 - - +0 +0 - -
1 15 3 3 4 0 0 0

Skills: Common Knowledge (Tilea) (Int), Common Knowledge (Estalia) (Int), Common Knowledge (the Empire) (Int), Common Knowledge (Breton) (Int), Common Knowledge (Wasteland) (Int), Speak Language (Tilean) (Int), Speak Language (Estalian) (Int), Speak Language (Reikspiel) (Int), Speak Language (Ind) (Int), Speak Language (Araby) (Int), Speak Language (Cathayian) (Int), Secret Language (Guilder+10) (Int), Secret Language (Thieves) (Int), Gossip+20(Fel), Perception (Int), Charm+10 (Fel), Drive+10 (S), Haggle+10 (Fel), Evaluate+10 (Int), Trade (Merchant+10) (Fel), Trade (Gem Cutter) (Ag), Ride (Ag), Read/Write (Int),

Talents: Savvy (Int+5), Suave(Fel+5), Dealmaker, Streetwise, Super Numerate, Flee, Linguistics, Schemer, Sixth Sense

Equipment: Leather Jerkin, 1010 GCs, Town House and Warehouse (in Sartosa have been confiscated), Disguise Kit, 4 Homing Pigeons, Shortsword, dagger

Career Path Tradesman-Merchant-Spy


Still to take
Advances – 9
Skills- Concealment, Disguise, Lip Reading, Performer (Actor), Pick Lock, Shadowing, Sleight of Hand, Silent Move



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