The Sacrifices

Four girls who died escaping a dark ritual


These girls feature in the backstory of Anastasia Krasnyi

Rasputina Sleipnir

Rasputina Sleipnir hails from Praag in the far North. She was cared for in an orphanage by very kind wardens. Being tall, pale and fair-haired she had a strong nordic look to her, like many of the abandoned children. Abandoned children are a common enough story in the far North of Kislev, for there are many children of rape produce by the barbarous Norsemen. Some powerful women had recently been visiting her in the orphanage, and one of her wardens had suggested that she might be tested for ice-magic soon – a terrifying and elating prospect. That was before she was drawn out of her bedroom window and into the mists that transported her directly into hell. A hell she had so nearly escaped from before she was left cold and blue upon the ground by her fellow escapees.

Erin Lapnoyv and Karin Lapnoyv

Twin-sisters Erin and Karin Lapnoyv have the look of ungols, and were raised as such by their parents and extended families. They were very precious to their clan, as it had few girl-children, and it is the girls that extend the family in ungol tradition. They had been learning the art of the charcoal-burner in the forest of spirits. They were being trained by their uncle in this usually dangerous and lonely job, because they had always had an affinity for animals and so for them it was surprisingly safe. Recently a hag had been sniffing around (they take girls with potential to become hags), but so far the Lapnoyv clan had managed to hide the girls. When the mists rose they were out at the forest, and as such they were well armed and dressed when they ran to help what sounded like their parents and found themselves transported to a rabble of mutants.

Xu Altweis

Xu Altweis is a girl with an Empire accent but the look of a Hung (think mongolian). Xu travels with her sailor-merchant family from port to port with her fierce Hung mother, Khongordzol, and her patient Empire father, Erik. This life suited both of them as sailors tended not to judge a person by their heritage, though her mother did miss her shaggy pony. Since Xu had been born the ship had been blessed with fair weather and swift winds. They were in the famed Kislevian port Erengrad when she’d thought she could hear her mother’s voice crying out from the sea and dived in. The waters turned misty and she found herself being pulled out of a stinking lake by vile mutants.


The Sacrifices

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