The Patchwork Prince (Daemon)

A monster that seems to be made of mismatched parts sewn together


(Features in the backstory of Anastasia Krasnyi)

Daemonprinces are perhaps the most terrible beings in all the old-world. Though their power itself doesn’t often match the mightiest of the ruinous power’s agents, the greater daemons, they are perhaps more dreadful because they were once mortal men and women. Due to their deeds as a mortal such beings are ‘blessed’ with immortality by their dark gods.

The patchwork prince belongs to the dark god of magic, change and fate; Tzeentch (though few cultists speak [or know] his true name; usually calling him Tchar [the changer] or the Great Eagle).

Recently (within the last few years) he attempted to perform a ritual in the place known as Kislev; extremely difficult and requiring decades of preparation its culminating act took forty specific young women of burgeoning magical power, and the hag. Unfortunately for him, one girl escaped, aided and abetted by the damned shaggy bear-god of the region.


The Patchwork Prince (Daemon)

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