Revian Von Harbinger

Ozric's Father and Advisor to the Cathayan Emperor


Revian Von Harbinger Background:

Revian Von Harbinger was born 54 years ago in the County of Hochland within the lands of the Empire. The Von Harbingers are an ancient Noble family of Hochland descended from the line of Aloysis first Chieftain of the Cherusens during the time of Sigmar.

As a young man Revian was commissioned into the 95th Regiment of Hochland. He distinguished himself at the Battle of Breder Bridge were the forces of Hochland held out against a more numerous force of soldiers from Ostland for 20 days. Revian led the night raid that broke the siege and allowed the Hochland forces to advance across the Bridge and engage the Ostlanders. The war lasted for 4 years during which time Revian continued to serve with distinction. At the end of the war Revian was instrumental in the Peace talks and final treaty that ended the war.

Following the end of the war Revian was summoned to Altdorf by the Emperor himself. The Emperor bestowed upon him the Gryphon of Valour medal for his actions during the war and offered him the position of Ambassador to Cathay for the part he played in ending the war. Revian accepted both honours and set out for Cathay.

Revian moved to Cathay and took up residence in the Imperial Embassy in Weijin the capital city of Cathay. Revian fulfilled his duties as Ambassador winning the respect of his fellow Ambassadors and the Dragon Throne Court; he even fought in a number of conflicts alongside many of the Cathayan Warlords. During one of these many battles he found himself fighting alongside Draik Tching Warlord of MiengXi province. Draik and Revian became friends and Revian was invited to stay among Draik’s court. It was during this time that Revian met and fell in love with Draik’s daughter Mae Ling. Revian requested her hand in marriage and the two were wed in a grand ceremony. When the Emperor learnt of Revian’s actions in marrying a Cathayan he was censored and removed from his post as Ambassador to Cathay.

As soon as the Divine Emperor of Cathay heard this he immediately offered Revian a position within his court and made him his unofficial advisor on matters concerning the Empire and particularly the new Imperial Ambassador an Ostlander.

Revian and Mae Ling have two children twins a Boy and a Girl.


Revian is a loyal and intelligent man. He is even more broadminded and liberal than your average Hochlander. However he is a staunch citizen of the Empire who is still loyal regardless of being ostracized by his Emperor. He is a charismatic leader who engenders loyalty among his friends and those who serve under him. He is Hochland through and through. He is quick to anger and just as quick to forgive, he rarely holds grudges but when he does it is terrible to behold. He loves his wife and both his children, but he misses his home greatly. He has heard of what happened during the Storm of Chaos but does not know the extent of the truth of the rumours he has heard.

Current Career: Noble Lord

WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
42 43 36 39 37 39 35 45
+30 +20 +20 +20 +20 +30 +30 +40
72 63 56 59 57 69 65 85
1 12 5 5 4 0 0 1
+2 +7 - - +0 +0 - -
3 19 5 5 4 0 0 0

Skills: Blather+20, Command+20, Common Knowledge-Empire+20, Common Knowledge-Cathay+20, Common Knowledge- Kislev+10, Common Lore-Tilea, Common Lore-Brettonia, Common Lore-Ind, Consume Alcohol, Performer-Bagpipes, Charm+20, Gamble, Gossip+20, Read/Write+20, Ride+20, Speak Language-Riekspiel+20, Animal Care+10, Dodge Blow+20, Evaluate, Perception+20, Secret Signs-Scout, Academic Knowledge-Strategy/Tactics+10, Intimidate, Swim, Secret Language-Battle Tongue+10, Speak Language-Tilean, Speak Language-Estalian, Academic Knowledge-Genealogy/Heraldry+20, Academic Knowledge-History+20, Haggle+10, Performer-Actor+10, Speak Language-Cathayan+10, Speak Language-Ind, Speak Language-Norsican, Academic Knowledge-Law, Evaluate+10, Speak Language-Classical

Talents: Etiquette, Luck, Public Speaking, Saavy, Specialist Weapon (Fencing), Schemer, Specialist Weapon (Parrying), Master Gunner, Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, Sharpshooter, Specialist Weapon (Gunpowder), Strike Mighty Blow, Sure Shot, Menacing, Seasoned Traveller, Street Fighting, Wrestling, Strike to Stun, Disarm, Lightning Parry, Specialist Weapon (Two Handed), Specialist Weapon (Flail), Dealmaker, Linguistics, Suave, Master Orator, Streetwise, Warrior Born, Marksman

Equipment: Rapier, Main Gauche, Destrier with Saddle and Harness, Signet Ring worth 60gcs, Pair of Best Quality Pistols, Ammunition for 50 shots, Best Quality Noble Garb, Best Quality Full Mail Armour, Shield, Flail, Best Quality Greatsword, Property and Goods worth 1000 gcs, Staff of 10 employees (6 Guards, Scribe, 2 Messengers, Valet), Best Quality Dagger, Jewelry worth 500 gcs

GCs 510

Career Path Noble, Pistolier, Sergeant, Captain, Ambassador, Politician, Noble Lord


Revian Von Harbinger

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