On Respite

Characters that might reappear at some point, but probably not in the next couple of sessions


Laughing old man


An unpleasant old man with a poor aroma and an even worse attitude

Carp is an old man with the look and accent of a Kislevian. He is covered in a hodgepodge of rags and furs and bears a well worn walking-staff with a few bone charms dangling from it. He seems to be following the carnival, and begging to make his way as he goes. He sneers a lot, makes demands of passers by, and laughs often, but always at the expense of another.

Anastasia finds the back of her neck prickles when she walks past him, and when he watches her bear-shows Mother becomes difficult to control.

Carp was revealed to be a powerful priest of the Bear-Father who followed Anastasia down from Kislev with the purpose of training her in the ways of magic. Unfortunately for him he was beaten to it by another Kislevian native – the hag witch Baba Rasnyov. However Carp is patient and will not stray too far, believing as he does that Anastasia is specially chosen by Ursune.

Horse face


A predatorial hagranym, Castellan hungers for pain, blood and battle

This cheap and staunch-hearted gifthorse turned out to be a monstrous massacre-machine, after Vilo began to ride Brightwing and it was left for a day at an inn alone.

It’s filed-down teeth hid its true nature, and now that it’s revealed it stalks the party, thirsting for blood (and some of that nice cheese Vilo keeps in his knapsack).


Galahad Fitz-Carrel, Grail Knight

A noble bastard formally recognised by his father after drinking from the holy grail

Galahad is a Bretonnian knight of the most distinguished and holy order of the grail. To become a member of this illustrious order a potential member must quest for the grail, righting wrongs and standing for truth, justice and chivalry. If a questing knight is chosen they will be attacked by the green knight – a holy spirit who will test the potential’s mettle, determination and skill. If they survive their encounter then they will be approached by their god herself – the Lady of the Lake – and given a sip from the grail. This bestows great powers and protection, and makes the drinker’s eyes and body glow. The glow fades over time, but renews during battle.

Galahad completed his quest over ten years ago. Born a bastard his mother, Gwendoline, was a powerful noble wedded to a baron of Paravon, and his biological father, Sir Lancem, was a knight in residence at the castle – the lady’s first knight no less. Long periods away in battle left the amorous couple alone too many times, and Galahad was born in shame. Sir Lancem was sent away to die in battle and Galahad was adopted by the Baron and raised by his mother’s servants.

Galahad’s original quest had been to regain honour for his mother, and recognition from his adopted father, but it was only once he had learn to put away such selfish reasons that he gained the grail. Once he had achieved it his father did recognise him as son and heir, and he inherited the barony on his father’s death fifteen years ago.

Galahad has two sons; Percival Avenio (the younger) and Arthur Galahad (the heir to the barony), and a daughter; Marian Roberta (his little robin).

Galahad’s favoured steed is a royal pegasus named Cloud-Chaser, although he has a destrier too which he often prefers when he leads a unit of knights on the field (pegasi are large and need a little space).

He recently returned to castle Carrel (with the help of a spell from Odric and Anastacia), having travelled back down from the chaos wastes alone. He travelled alone to get more experience of the Empire and to help rid it of remnants from the war. Also he really hates administering the barony himself, and would rather be as slow as possible returning.



A treeman distinguished by his interest in mortals

WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
81% 33% 64% 72% 22% 66% 75% 38%
4 46 6 7 6 0 0 0

Skills: Concealment, Common Knowledge (Elves), Follow Trail+20, Intimidate, Navigation, Outdoor Survival+20, Perception+20, Scale Sheer Surface, Secret Language(Ranger Tongue), Speak Language(Eltharin, Malla-room-ba-larin+10)

Talents: Ambidextrous, Frightening, Lightning Parry, Natural Weapons, Night Vision, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Stun, Will of Iron

Flammable: Wounds dealt are doubled
Strength of the Forest: Attacks have impact
Thick Bark 3AP

A Befuddlement of Mischiefs: Glowing creatures nest in Hod-Kalla-Room-Ban’s branches and with a shake of his shoulders flutter out to confuse, daze and send to sleep nearby mortals


Marian Roberta Fitz-Carrel

Baron Galahad’s second child and only daughter, Marian was to be wedded to his trusted Justicar before the hooded outlaw kidnapped her…

… or at least that is the tale that Justicar Abel Nottingham would have the Baron believe.

(apologies for the cliched-ness)

Marian was raised in Castle Carrel, her mother taught her the feminine arts while Bernand the grizzled old quarter-master taught her archery and the arts of war. Her mother died when Marian was fourteen. She was engaged to be married to Nottingham the day after.

The Carrel barony was not located in the richest lands, which is just as well as it minimises the amount which the warlike and regularly absent Carrel Barons have to administer or protect. Carrel castle spent most of its time dark and empty except for wives, mothers, daughters and the minimum number of servants needed to keep it in one piece, along with a knight or two and a few men at arms.

Among these men at arms was a man named Bernand, he was originally a mercenary, but he swore his loyalty to Baron Arthur Carrel (Baron Galahad Fitz Carrel’s father) for saving his life. He spent his older years as the quarter master for the castle. He trained Galahad’s sons in the arts of battle when their father was absent. Marian, bored and envious endlessly complained about not getting to join in on the training sessions. Bernand, from a land where most women can hold their own, had no qualms about training the girl in private, and with her he could teach the skill he was a true master of; archery (a skill abhorred by Bretonnian nobility). He also taught her what her tutors couldn’t; the arts of deception.

The echoing castle was understandably lonely for Marian’s mother, the Baroness Avenia, and when a charming minor noble named Abel Nottingham was ambushed by bandits nearby and came to the castle to recover she appreciated the company, and gradually handed over the responsibilities for maintaining the castle and lands to him.

When Baroness Avenia died her husband Baron Galahad was stunned, and simply didn’t know what to do with his castle, lands or young daughter. Nottingham soothed his fears and swore to take care of these issues; he would become the justicar and Marian’s fiance. He would have real power which he would use to administer the lands and ensure the lively young Marian become a proper, obedient young wife who would never dishonour her father. Galahad left with his sons (aged 13 and 15) the day after funeral, to grieve in his own way (soaked in orcish blood and screaming).

Nottingham started having his parties shortly after, and began inviting disreputable people to stay at the austere castle. He revealed his thirst for luxury and excess and began to have delicacies sent into the castle. The limitations on his finances infuriated him and he started executing peasants and imposing brutal taxes.

His treatment of Marian was not much better. He liked to have her serving his wine at his parties where, drunkenly declaring his hatred of waiting until their wedding day he would attempt to force himself upon her. Sometimes Bernand would distract him with a ‘pressing matter that required his attention’, other times she would be forced to use violence to escape – these humiliations upon Nottingham would always cost her as she would be confined to her rooms for days on end, and more than that it would often cost the peasants. One evening when he was particularly drunk she knocked him down some stairs and broke a couple of his ribs, that night an innocent peasant was thrown to the truffle-hounds, his screaming reached even her secluded rooms. After this incident she began to poison his wine in an attempt to moderate his behaviour.

She constantly tried to explain his trespasses to her father. When accused he would look hurt and concerned, apologising sincerely if his affections were out of place, explaining that he simply could not contain his love simply sought to steal a kiss. And Galahad would believe him, because the alternative was too terrible, and the gaps between his returns to the castle would get longer.

About two years after Marian’s mother’s death the day came when Nottingham found out she was poisoning his wine; he was in high spirits because he’d just imprisoned some bandits that had been slowing down the taxes, and he came over to her with the intention of having her serve the best wine (instead of the usual). Seeing the powders she was tipping into his glass his usual barking anger turned to white-hot fury. He sent Bernand away on a fools errand, and then he had a couple of cronies take Marian down to the dungeon and ‘remind her why she needs the protection of her fiance’. She was so horrified by the audacity of this move she didn’t defend herself. After the beating she couldn’t find the strength or courage to stop Nottingham’s advances when he joined her. He didn’t even bother to lock the door when he left.

It took her a few hours to gather the things she needed from her brothers rooms and the armoury before she returned to the dungeon. An hour later Robin had rescued the bandits in the dungeon and escaped with the first of his merry men.



An eccentric dwarf, filling the niche of prospector, tavern owner, evaluator and pimp in the city of Montfort

Robin hood

Robin Hood

Garbed in lincoln green and wearing a felt cap with a feather in it, Robin is the cocky leader of a band of merry men

WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
52% 87% 40% 35% 43% 54% 66% 65%
4 23 3 4 5 0 0 1

Skills: Academic Knowledge (Genealogy/Heraldry, Law, Strategy/Tactics, Theology), Animal Care, Blather+10, Charm+20, Command+10, Common Knowledge (Brettonia, Elves), Concealment+20, Consume Alcohol, Disguise+20, Dodge Blow+10, Drive, Evaluate, Follow Trail+10, Gossip, Lip Reading, Navigation+10, Outdoor Survival+20, Perception+20, Performer(Juggler, Palm Reader), Read/Write, Ride, Scale Sheer Surface, Secret Language(Battle Tongue, Ranger Tongue), Secret Signs(Ranger), Silent Move+10, Sleight of Hand+20, Speak Language(Breton, Classical, Eltharin, Malla-room-ba-larin), Swim

Talents: Ambidextrous, Disarm, Etiquette, Excellent Vision, Fearless, Flee, Lightning Parry, Luck, Mighty Shot, Mimic, Orientation, Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, Rover, Sharpshooter, Sixth Sense, Specialist Weapon Group(Longbow, Parrying), Stout-Hearted, Strike to Injure, Strike to Stun, Sure Shot, Swashbuckler

Best Craftsmanship Longbow: (BS 92, 112 when aiming), Damage 3 + 1 = 4, -2 Armour, 4 shots
Quarter Staff: (WS 45, Damage 1, 4 attacks)
Good Sword: (WS 45, Damage 3, 4 attacks, defensive (+10 parry))

Arrows of Hod-Kalla-Room-Ban (Hodekin)
Of the roots: Arrows wrapped in a web of Hodekin’s roots cause entangling on a hit as roots grow from them and wrap around the target (this effect will occur on hit or a miss of 0 degrees, deliberately missing like this is a called shot)
Of the branches: Made from the straightest of Hodekin’s twigs and branches these arrows never miss: +30BS, no called shot penalties
Of the leaves and fruit: fletched in Hodekin’s leaves and the wood soaked in the syrup of his fruit these arrows cause the person hit to fall in love with the first person he sees. (this ‘spell’ lasts for a maximum of a month, can be dispelled, target gets a WP check each time they are about to do something out of character. This affect can result in the target genuinely falling in love within that month however).

Merry men

The Merry Men

Some more merry than others, these fellows will follow Robin into the jaws of hell whilst endlessly complaining

Notable members include:

  • Little John – A strongman and master of the staff
  • Will Scathelocke – The only person more preening and headstrong than Robin, a master of the sword(s)
  • Friar Tuc – A priest of Morr
  • Alan a Dale – A minstrel
  • Much the Miller’s Son – (he’s not much but he’s our son) Not much to look at, but a ferocious fighter
  • Will Stutely – a spy
  • Arthur a Bland
  • David of Doncaster

Friar Tuc

WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
54% 46% 43% 46% 43% 52% 63% 54%
2 18 4 4 4 2 0 0

Skills: Academic knowledge (Theology+20, History, Necromancy+20), Channelling+10, Charm+10, Common Knowledge(Elves, Bretonnia+20, the Border Princes), Gossip+10, Heal+10, Intimidate, Magical Sense+10, Perception, Read/Write+10, Ride+10, Speak Arcane Language(Magick)10, Speak Language(Breton10, Classical+20, Reikspiel), Trade(Embalmer)

Talents: Divine Lore(Morr), Fast Hands, Lesser Magic*2, Lightning Reflexes, Meditation, Menacing, Public Speaking, Resistance to Poison, Seasoned Traveller, Strike Mighty Blow, Sturdy, Warrior Born

Morr in Darkness

  • Dooming : A pertinent fact about a characters future
    • Ozric: You will be swallowed in blood and darkness; war will become your meat and drink
    • To’Mas: By the time you remember it will be too late, hold true to your memories
    • Anastacia: You will die alone at the hand of your greatest fear, you know that you cannot run from this fate, you have always known
    • Viloman: Though your quest will fail you must remain faithful to it. What is made can always be unmade
    • Nymraithir: Though you may return to your beloved woods, they will never again be your home
  • Dream Message : Up to three minutes to deliver a message
  • Glimpse Ahead : +10% to a roll
  • Guiding Dream : See a thing you must do
  • Speech of Morr : A corpse must answer two questions before vanishing forever
  • Vision of Morr : A vision pertinent to the situation
  • Vow (Lesser) : If the vow is failed the target permanently reduces their Toughness by 1d10
  • Sanctuary (Lesser) : For two hours anyone wishing to enter the building the priest is in must take a WP+10 check


On Respite

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