Odric of Wurtbad

An old scholar driven by his research into creatures fair and foul. But mostly foul.


In session 33 Odric was returned to the party in a cowl and manacles by their witch hunter ally Lucius Helden, missing his backpack and two fingers from his right hand.

Odric is a grey wizard.

Odric appears to be in his late fourties or early fifties. His average height and relatively scrawny build seem tiny in comparison to the massive backpack he carries everywhere. It dwarfs him and holds his research, and other essentials such as ink, spare nibs, and occasionally food. His eyes are a calm grey, with flecks of blue burning through. His hair is dark grey peppered with white, and a small pair of reading glasses usually grace his nose. A stout walking staff of dark wood is polished from use until it appears stony at the point his hand holds it.

Odric is fuelled by curiosity and approaches most situations with an unnervingly calm objectivity. He is as comfortable talking to a priest as he is talking to a beastman. His research is his highest priority in life; other, minor issues such as personal safety, eating and washing often fall by the wayside.

Having interviewed orcs, farmers, beastmen and daemons, read tomes both complex and corrupt, and witnessed things that would make most mens brains trickle out their ears, Odric’s sanity seems stubbornly on the side of cheerful.

Odric is famed among mercenaries and other adventurous parties for paying well; the jobs themselves are wildly variable – some being ludicrously easy (he wanted to interview a halfling) to exceedingly complex (the breeding habits of wild gryphons?). Somehow, however, he always knows when adventurers are reporting real information, or lying to get the pay.

Odric of Wurtbad

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