Lucius Helden

A witch hunter and priest, Lucius is suffering from PTSD after being possessed by a sadistic daemon


Lucius is slowly regaining his sanity after a prolonged attempt to corrupt and torment him by the daemon butler of the Marcher Fortress Draal. He is still confused by the experience of pain and pleasure, and is trying to spend time without either during his recovery – he will occasionally ask for help when he feels the urge to flagellate.

Before he was taken by Draal, a daemon of Slaanesh, nearly a century ago, Lucius was a Witch hunter general and grand templar of the order. He had trained in the priesthood as an exorcist, and his martial training was extensive – he had banished greater daemons and freed dukes from the grip of daemons. None in the order were as pure and faithful. He greatly offended Draal by banishing him from a favoured host while he was still training as an exorcist, and having his cult capture Lucius was a long and patient act of vengeance requiring turning some of his closest friend and confidants to chaos. Lucius still struggles with trust and his terror make him largely unable to engage in combat.

Currently, and when he is feeling strong enough, Lucius is mentoring Magnus Brandt.


Lucius Helden

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