Kaleb Daark

Malal's current champion, Kaleb is ever-thirsty for the blood of chaos


Kaleb’s origins are unknown to any living soul save himself and his god Malaal. His features are distinctively bisected, the left side of his face having dark short hair and a deep skull like eye socket, while the right is angelic with long blonde hair. In personality he is brusque, forceful and impatient. He likes to know that his actions are actively purging chaos, and tends to argue with his god when he doesn’t understand why he must do what his god has commanded. His relationship with his god is that of a faithful servant; his payment the spilled blood of chaos – be it ratman, beastman, mutant, daemon or marauder.

He is the sole champion of Malaal, though not Malaal’s sole agent; he ‘enjoys’ the bulk of his god’s favours, and so is extremely powerful in combat against the forces of chaos. Co-operation is not in the nature of Malaal’s agents, so they only gather together in times of extreme need, and then only when there is plenty of chaos enemies to go around (lest they turn on each other). Kaleb has been known to lead daemons into battle.


Kaleb Daark

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