Inigo Montoya


He is a darkly handsome brooding man from Estalia. Inigo was the son of a Legendary Estalian swordmaker. His father was slain when he was quite young, by a customer who refused to pay the proper amount for a blade that he had commissioned to be made. Inigo is on a mission of vengeance,unfortunately he knows very little of the person responsible for the death of his father. He only knows that his fathers killer was a noble of the Empire, who had six fingers on his left hand. Inigo has studied the way of the Diestro and is an accomplished Duelist maybe even one of the best. He knows almost nothing of sailing and how he managed to convince Morganna and Ozric that he was Second Mate material is anyone’s guess (It’s inconceivable!). They have not been at sea long enough yet to realize the mistake that has been made yet. He is nervous of having his ignorance exposed, and is getting by on his luck and charm.

In our most recent adventure in Nuln, the characters stumbled across a Imperial Nobleman named Count Rugen, who happened to have 6 fingers on his right hand. Inigo was informed and a plan hatched to get Rugen to challenge him. This he did and Inigo has taken his revenge. Inigo has since confessed that he knows nothing about sailing which we had already guessed. He is now somewhat adrift in the world with his quest for vengeance complete. However he always has a place with us on the Pride.

WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
41 42 33 33 43 32 34 31
+20 +20 +10 +20 +30 +20 +15 +25
61 62 43 53 73 47 49 46
1 11 4 5 4 0 0 1
+1 +4 - - +0 +0 - -
2 15 4 5 4 0 0 1

Skills: Common Knowledge (Estalia, the Empire)(Int), Gossip+10(Fel), Speak Language (Estalian, Riekspiel) (Int), Academic Knowledge (Science) (Int), Read/Write(Int), Gamble(Int), Dodge Blow+10(Ag), Perception(Int), Charm(Fel), Intimidate(S), Sleight of Hand(Ag)

Talents: Warrior Born (WS+5), Marksman (BS+5), Lightning Reflexes (AG+5), Quickdraw, Specialist Weapon (Fencing, Parrying, Gunpowder), Strike Mighty Blow and Mighty Shot (Dam+1), Ambidextrous, Etiquette, Master Gunner (reduce reload by half action), Sharpshooter (BS+20 aim), Strike to Injure (critical+1), Swashbuckler (Jump/Leap is half action, distance+1yrd), Disarm

Equipment: Best Quality Rapier, Main Gauche, Best Quality Clothing, Nobles garb, Mask, Cologne, Healing Draft, 2 Best Quality Pistols (30)

Career Path
Estalian Diestro-Duellist-Highwayman


Still to take from Highwayman career


Skills: Animal Care, Animal Training, charm, Common Knowledge (the Empire), Evaluate, Gossip, Ride, Silent Move

Talents: Trick Riding


Inigo Montoya

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