Hobbe Pactsmith

This sinister halfling is a professional mediator


A smartly attired male halfling, his age is hard to gauge as like all but the most ancient of halflings he appears youthful. His round face and mousey-blonde hair are strangely unremarkable. What is remarkable however are the gauntlets he wears, connected with tubes to a small backpack. Green energy thrums through them, and strange runes adorn them. Some of the tubes seem to go into his arms. He has been seen using the gauntlets to suppress aethyrial energy in his vicinity, and to create a defensive dome of energy when attacked; what else these devices are capable of is unknown.

Hobbe alludes to having clients of some significance, at least one of whom is capable of rending the warp and making promises of exemption from the coming apocalypse. This halfling is definitely keyed in to current events. What the price is he exacts from his clients is unknown, although it probably isn’t money.

He provides potential clients with business cards…
Hobbe's business card

  • Hobbe Pactsmith
  • Mediator
  • To discuss terms apply drop of blood to card. Prices negotiable.

Hobbe Pactsmith

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