Griselda the Bearded, Last of the Stonekeels

A surly engineer, the last of her clan and the dwarf that finished the millennium-long project to build a stonekeel ship


Griselda does not speak at length of her past. She is the last of her clan, and with her will die the secrets of the stonekeel vessels; beautiful floating solid stone vessels that sail the seas and skies upon the winds of magic.

The heir of a thousand years of love and work poured into a single vessel her ship is the only thing that matters to her, as pride is always the priority of a dwarf then this ship must be her pride. As any dwarf she will do anything, sacrifice anything for her pride; even serving pirate scum to avoid them damaging it.

She does not speak favorably of other dwarves; she became a social outcast after bearing a child out of wedlock. Sick of their judgmental superiority Griselda left the infant at a temple of Valaya, and took her leave in her ship to complete it somewhere away from the hold.

Griselda is a pitchwife (a term used for practitioners of both genders), a dwarf capable of sculpting magically infused molten stone with her bare hands; the whole ship is made of this substance and she uses the pitch (and any damaged chunks) to make repairs. Only members of the Stonekeel clan have ever been capable of pitchwifery, and even among their heyday there were only a few per generation (it’s easy to tell which Stonekeels are pitchwives – they’ll be the ones of adult age without a burn on their left hand). As the Stonekeels died out or left the clan to join another these grew fewer. It took three generations of her ancestors to produce her so that the vessel could be finished, and none of them lived to see it.

Griselda is known as the bearded for her manner of weaving her hair under her chin.


Griselda the Bearded, Last of the Stonekeels

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