A deranged goblin


Fool, or Goblin as he often refers to himself is an insane goblin. He is strangely lucky and somewhat starving for kindness. Ever since he can remember (which isn’t long admittedly) he has known he is not how he should be. When he hears the WAAAGH in his dreams (the greenskin psychic call to war) he does not feel excited or violent – he feels utterly terrified.

Anastasia has been very kind to Fool, and Fool believes that he and she are wedded (making her Mrs. Fool presumably).

Recently Fool drank some purple ichor given to him by Anastasia, and since then he’s been feeling stranger than usual; definitely more purple too. But unlike his normal strangeness (which he knows he has and he’s used to) this one feel more…. powerful. Maybe he and Ana can really be together.



Warhammer Fantasy jodie