Fezzik, Bosun

A giant of a man with a kind soul


Fezzik was born in the Norse Lands. He was small as a child and a kind hearted soul. However Norse culture was not the kind of places that harbors those of such gentle disposition. Life was difficult for Fezzik, until he approached his teenage years, suddenly he experienced a dramatic growth spurt topping out in height around the 7’8" mark. This huge giant of a man went on to become a marauder, then a reaver in the Norse culture. Fezzik was never truly cut out for the bloodthirsty raiding life and left the Norse lands heading for the Empire. There he sold his skills as a mercenary and then a veteran. He traveled extensively moving further south until he reached Estalia. There he signed on as a bosun on a ship bound for Cathay.

Fezzik is a kindly Giant. He is not terribly bright but he is also nobodies fool. He is incredibly strong and has never been bested in combat.

WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
38 31 53 51 24 25 34 23
+20 +20 +10 +10 +15 +0 +15 +0
58 31 63 61 34 25 49 23
1 15 6 6 5 0 0 0
+1 +6 - - +0 +0 - -
2 18 6 6 5 0 0 0

Skills: Common Knowledge (Norse+10)(Int), Speak Language (Norsican+10) (Int), Consume Alcohol+20(T), Outdoor Survival, Sail+10(Ag), Animal Care(Int), Follow Trail (Int), Navigation(Int), Ride(Ag), Search(Int), Common Knowledge (Southlands) (Int), Dodge Blow+10 (Ag), Row(S), Scale Sheer Surface(S), Speak Language (Reikspiel) (Int), Intimidate(S), Secret Language (Battle Tongue) (Int)

Talents: Inured to Chaos (tests+10 vs Mutations), Very Strong (S+5), Orientation (Nav+10), Specialist Weapon (Two Handed), Strike to Injure (Crit+1), Strike Mighty Blow (D+1), Street Fighting (WS+1, D+1), Frenzy (S+10 WP+10 WS-10 Int-10) Quickdraw(ready as a free action), Very Resilient (T+5)

Equipment: Full Mail, 2 Javelins, Great Axe, Sword, Shield, Tattoos, Mace, Bottle of Spirits, Axe, Shortsword, Hammer

Career Path Maurader-Reaver-Norse Berserker-Veteran


Mutations- Growth (1)

Still to Take:
Skills- Common Knowledge (the Empire), Gamble, Gossip, Perception
Talents- Mighty Shot, Rapid Reload, Specialist Weapon (any two)


Fezzik, Bosun

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