A daemonic butler, it takes a lot to make him lose his composure



  • Strangely Beguiling: Attempts to attack Draal must succeed on a -10% WP test or fail. Additionally Draal gains +20% to all Fel based tests.
  • Right Place, Right Time: 200ft teleport at will, only when it would be strangely apt for him to appear – for example to make a quip, clean up a mess, provide a warning or answer a question. He only hears the preceding sentence.
  • Powerful Encouragement: When Draal uses the phrase ‘particularly fine’ to describe something to someone they must pass a WP +10 check to avoid trying it (provided it isn’t obviously dangerous)

Draal is the butler of the Marcher Fortress. He is immaculately dressed and organised. He recently lost his host – a prized possession and the source of much of his recreation – Lucius Helden, the witch hunter. He has claimed to have valeted for The Master.

Once he had become enfleshed once more (in a rather dapper and unwilling Shallyan priest) he managed to track down his favourite host and the bastards who separated him from him. During the Marienburg Masked Ball he used the spell ‘Succubus’ to torment Lucius once more, but didn’t expect to be hijacked while ethereal and attacked with not one, but two flaming magical swords. His need for vengeance on the group is growing.


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